Odyssey 2017 Historic Route 66 Announcement

Historic Route 66 has been beckoning this old intrepid for years. I remember traveling it back in my youth in my ‘53 Ford. It was THE highway back then. That was during the mid to late 50s.
And so, for Odyssey 2017, decision is to give Route 66 a go once more, by shouldering my pack, then to trek this old highway down–from Chicago to Santa Monica.
When to begin? Well, there’s really no good time. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, the heat and humidity won’t be too bad this summer. By starting the end of July, by dealing with the summer heat (taking my licks on Route 66) through Illinois, Missouri, then into Kansas and Oklahoma, I’ll end up crossing the southwest high plains desert (New Mexico, Arizona and the California Mojave) this fall. Conditions should be more favorable then.
A new page for Odyssey 2017, Historic Route 66, will be up soon. So, check back–then plan on coming along. We’ll share another grand time together, as we trek what’s left of this magic old road!

13 Comments on “Odyssey 2017 Historic Route 66 Announcement

  1. It’s awfully hot and humid in southwest Missouri right now… be careful! Looking forward to the journey!


  2. God’s speed to you – I’ll pray for a safe and wonderful journey. Wish I could join you


  3. Can’t wait to see all the maps you have prepared and to be able to follow you on this journey, but I’ll be most happy to see you safe and sound back in Coosa County!!


  4. We’ll be with you in spirit every step of the way Nimblewill!


  5. Well, my friend, I wish you a light wind on your back to cool the sweat, a compassionate sun on your face (not angry or blistering), fearful snakes, ants and scorpions and Godspeed back to Flagg Mt. in Alabama when you take a notion. Look forward to your posts during this monumental journey. Tim


  6. Looking forward to following you on this trek. Take care…..May the wind be at your back.


  7. Hey Old Timer (for you other folks, that’s a private joke between Sunny and I). Best of luck and God Speed. I’ll be pulling for your success and praying for your safety and good health.
    Earl Lewis (Coach)


  8. We wish you well and hope to see you return healthy and happy. All of your Alabama friends/family miss you already. Safe travels!!!


  9. I’m so excited you’re doing this Route 66 trek. I have long wanted to do it by car, and will someday, but it is an amazing adventure for your to do it by foot. But, what other way but this for you!!! Will be praying for your safety and who knows…we might just meet up on that intrepid and wonderful road!


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