Nimblewill Nomad at the steps of his cabin on Flagg Mt

Yes folks, soon (March 1st) Nimblewill will be lacing up his Oboz trekking shoes and shouldering his Murmur backpack one more time–for the last, last time!

A new page will soon be posted for this year’s journey. It will feature his tentative itinerary, gear list, and sponsors. Then, as the trek begins, his daily journal entries and photos will also be posted.

So, be sure and check back, then plan on following another predictably unpredictable Nimblewill Nomad adventure. Sure enough, we’ll have a great time!

 “The mountains are calling and I must go.”
(John Muir)

32 Comments on “Odyssey 2021 BAMA TO BAXTER – HIKE ON

  1. Sunny! I was about to visit you this next few weeks. What are you doing! I love you. I pray your steps are easy and swift and you get back to us. I had NO IDEA you were doing this! Carl and Mary wish you the best man.


  2. Praying for a safe, enjoyabe journey, adventure. Very exciting, following you as you go with God.


  3. Happy Trails. Looks like good weather after this little rain, passes. Hope to see you soon.


  4. The one and only Lazerlegs says “God be with you!” Can’t wait to read of your latest excursion. I have been reading your “Ten Million Steps” for the fourth time. It’s the one I got from and signed by you at the AT conference in Shippensburg, Pa in 2001. I managed to do the AT in 2 halves after I retired at the end of 2010 and then have done the Long Trail, Tuscarora Trail, Benton McKaye Trail and the northern 60+ miles of the John Muir Trail. Drop me a note if you get a chance and I will be seriously rooting for you.
    Glenn Collins


  5. Congratulations. Safe journeys. If I can help you up around hwy 7 or 100. near Sloppy Floyd state park. Just let me know.


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  7. Old people should be seen and not heard! I hope you are seen by a whole lot of people and are able to share some of the wisdom you have amassed with them. I will try to catch you when you come through the NBATC section.


  8. If you want to resupply from RabbitTown rd Pinky Burns trailhead hit me up on FB Brian Keith Louvier Greenman


  9. Been hiking on the AT since 2004. Did a Thru in 2012 and still out there every year or every other. I will be hiking a month this year. I am sure I have met you over the years and hope to see you again. Spirit


  10. So excited for your journey!! Wishing you great success, good fortune and easy miles. Hike on!!!


  11. Looking forward to great stories and ditties from this odyssey! It’s the people you meet, right?


  12. I will be living vicariously through your adventure and looking forward to every step. Stay safe my wandering friend.


  13. Awesome. I am so excited. Enjoy this adventure. Take your time and be careful. Fun times!


  14. Eric and I wish you a safe and awesome adventure… We will be following your journey, supporting you, and keeping in touch… We both love you and look forward to you coming back… We know you’ve got this! Stay safe, friend!


  15. Yea!, Nimblewill! You go! Can’t wait to read it all. Maybe I can catch you somewhere along the way.


  16. Go Sunny!!! You are every hikers hero! I so look forward to following you on this historic hike. Be sure to take a little time for yourself as everyone is going to want to talk to you and hang out.


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