Journal 72-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–May 2, 2021
Trail Day–072
Trail Mile–0.00/701.3
Location–Iron Horse Station, Hot Springs, AT Mile 274.4

Another night in my own room, a cushy-soft bed. Warm and dry. Getting big-time spoiled! But this healing time was urgent and much needed. I had two, good, hot and healthy meals yesterday. Ditto for today, and my strength has finally returned, my stomach and intestines have settled down.

Hot Springs has turned into the typical touristy mountain town, not anything like Gatlinburg, but enough so for the all day racket and commotion–even though this is Sunday. I walk the main drag. Stick my head in a few shops. “Got a mask, mister?” Far as I get in any of them. I leave one of my cards at Bluff Mountain Outfitters. They’re an OBOZ retailer. I tell them I’d sold a pair of OBOZ for them–a friend had been in their store recently. Don’t think it registered.

Iron Horse Tavern opens for lunch at 11:30 on Sunday. I’m right there at 11:30. So are Tiki Mon, Nate, Prism, Sunflower, Vista,

and Birdee. I’m kindly invited to join them at their table, and I accept. A dear friend of Birdee, Ed Not to Worry Speer, and also a dear friend of mine (Birdee has been in touch with him) has insisted on buying my lunch. Thanks, Not to Worry!

Come to find, Birdee and I have previously met. Best we can figure it was in 1999. We were in a group that gathered at the (old) Springer Mountain Shelter for New Years Eve that year. Amazing, Birdee manages to lift two of the old pictures out of her album from way back then. One’s of us. The other’s of Not to Worry and me–amazing!

Late afternoon, Barry comes in from Alabama, nearly an all-day drive, to support me (again) during this coming week. We head right down to the Iron Horse Tavern for dinner!

Evening, Barry works logistics for the coming week. I get caught up on journal entries, and take a much needed shower.

Hit the sack time. I’m going back on trail again at seven in the morning. Yippee!


 I have chosen to be happy
because it is good for my health.

3 Comments on “Journal 72-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. I’ve been following your blog and enjoy reading it everyday. What a wonderful life! Safe travels!


  2. “Got a mask, mister?” So sick of this whole mask hysteria!!!


  3. Good to see you healing well. Hopefully you will hit the trails again before the storms or after the storms. Be Safe!


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