Journal 115-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Monday–June 14, 2021
Trail Day–115
Trail Mile–-16.8/1,253.0
Location–VA-56, Tye River, then to Wyndham Resorts Days Inn, Waynesboro, AT Mile 834.4

A grand evening with Scott, Tulie, sons Charlie & Henry, also Gail from Florida!

I’ve nearly a 17-mile hike today, so I need to be on the trail early. T-Bone has gotten really good at driving the winding high mountain gravel roads, so no time is wasted getting me back to Salt Log Gap. I’m on trail right at seven-thirty.

The climb first thing is neither as steep nor as long as usual and I’m soon back on the ridge headed for The Priest. T-Bone is hiking up from the Tye River (southbound on the trail) and we meet just below the Ledges, where we drop our packs and stop for lunch (the rest of the pizza from last night).

From the Ledges it’s a very rocky 3,000 foot bail-off  to VA-56 where Safari is waiting to pick me up–as T-Bone must return to work. Ahh, but it’s not goodbye time yet as he and Tulip will be coming to the Shenandoahs to support me next weekend–and hike with me some there!

A drive north on the delightful Blue Ridge Parkway soon brings us to Rockfish Gap and I-64. Two exits up and we’re at Days Inn, our overnight accommodations for the next three nights. A good soaking in the tub (hottest water I can stand), then a two-minute walk to Wendy’s for supper and this day’s done…


There is nothing on this earth more
to be prized than true friendship.
(Thomas Aquinas)

2 Comments on “Journal 115-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Mr Nomad, I thank you for the brief time I hiked with you down the Priest mountain. I know you were tired on the last mile of your 17 mile day, but you still took time to answer a few questions on the way down the mountain. It meant a lot to this Alabama boy.

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  2. It’s so wonderful to see your hike is such a rich experience, Nimble Will. So glad to see all the support that people are giving you as you are moving north through all that natural beauty❣️God bless you❣️


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