Journal 241-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Monday–October 18, 2021
Trail Day–241
Trail Mile–10.6/2410.6
Remaining Miles–207.2
Location–VR-11/30 (539.1), then to Stratton Pond Shelter (549.7)

We’ve got to check out of Yellow Deli Hostel this morning, plus make the long trip back to the trailhead. So, we’re all up well before six.

We’ve an overnight on the trail tonight. That means we’re all lugging heavier packs–two day’s food plus extra gear. Continuing the hike with me are Kitchen Sink & Slim Jim. We’re on trail (and into the climb) shortly after seven.

Moderate ups and downs today, less than 3,000 feet of elevation change. Our first climb offers fine views from Prospect Rock. Plenty more rocks and roots, plus mud, lots of mud. Talking with northbounders the past few weeks, they kept referring to Vermont as Vermud. Their remarks seemed amusing at the time. However, I understand now what they meant by the play on words. I’ve never been on trail before with mud anything like what we’ve been slogging through the past number of days. Up trail, down trail, level trail, makes no difference–ankle deep mud everywhere. And there’s no sign of it letting up.

I was much relieved when I put New Hampshire in my rearview. I’m beginning to suffer the same sentiments about Vermont. Certainly not a good attitude, I know. Been grinding on this 241 days now. Having less than desirable tread to deal with day after day–it’s taking its toll, wearing me down. I suffered two good tumbles today. Another open skid mark on my left arm. The cut below my right knee was healing nicely. Now it’s open again. And the toe pain, which became chronic months ago has not let up. Rather, it’s gotten worse, causing difficulty concentrating.

Aww, dang old man. Folks didn’t come here to listen to your griping and complaining…


Nothing can stop the man
with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal;
nothing on earth can help the man
with the wrong mental attitude.
(Thomas Jefferson)

6 Comments on “Journal 241-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Keep going.remember .you are lucky to be walking the trail .
    Regards David breen trailmàn thanks


  2. Keep going.remember .you are lucky to be walking the trail .
    Regards David breen trailmàn thanks


  3. Hang in there Nomad! And if griping helps, vent away! Grace and grit to you.


  4. With all the mud you encounter, how do you clean those Oboz trekkers at the end of the day? Will they shrink if you toss them in the dryer after being washed?
    FYI, I purchased a pair of Oboz hiking boots based on your endorsement and it turned out to be one of the best choices I ever made!


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