The Last Last Hike and Lookout Wild Film Festival- 2022

watch it here 

The Last Last Hike (TLLH), a documentary, featuring Nimblewill’s record-setting 2021 Bama to Baxter
thru-hike, was presented February 4-6th at the 10th annual Lookout Wild Film Festival, Tivoil Theater–
hosted by the city of Chattanooga.

What a memorable weekend! TLLH was shown with much fanfare, and received standing ovation from
the packed theatre. Celine Three o’Hearts Francois, TLLH creator/cinematography was awarded Best
Southeast Film, and Nimblewill received the Dale Grey Beard Sanders award for Perseverance.

Nimblewill being awarded the 1st ever Dale Sanders Perseverance Award!


Record holder, award winner, author, and hiker- signing books


Three o’Hearts (Filmmaker), Steve Rogers (LWFF), Nimblewill, Kimm and Nathan Wright (Pinhoti Outdoor Center)


watch it here

9 Comments on “The Last Last Hike and Lookout Wild Film Festival- 2022

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment, recognition and award! You stand head and shoulders above the US hiking community. Your story goes a long way encouraging others to find their trail and hike it. Your legacy is simply amazing and God has gifted us with your story. May your light shine on us a long time.


  2. Congratulations Nimblewill! I followed your journey and was amazed at your perseverance in once again conquering the AT. You are an amazing man and an inspiration to all who love the great outdoors.
    God bless you.


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