Odyssey ’23 – The Chisholm Trail

Well, here we go—Odyssey ‘23 – The Chisholm Trail, Nimblewill’s LAST LAST LAST hike!

Nimblewill will again be hiking along with Bart Smith (Bart’s done all 30 of our National Scenic/Historic Trails). They’ll depart San Antonio (from the Alamo) on March 4th, to push them “git along little doggies” on up that old cattle drive trail to Abilene, Kansas.

Recently, Nimblewill’s been out hiking a few 10-mile days in preparation for Odyssey ‘23, and he’s doing quite well. As you likely know, the old fellow is pushing 85 now.

Please plan on coming along with Bart & Nimblewill on this latest adventure! There’ll be an Odyssey ‘23 page up real soon, so check back often! Then, plan on coming along—we’re gonna have a hootin good time—Come a Ti Yi Yippee Yippee Yay…

UPDATE: The Odyssey 2023 page is now open. We are still getting warmed up for the hike and so is the site. Open the page here.

27 Comments on “Odyssey ’23 – The Chisholm Trail

  1. I knew Nimblewill would not sit still for long. I really want to meet my life the way that you do. I never stop learning and I am always inspired by you and the example you have shown with such grace.


  2. I saw a Chisholm Trail sign when I was hiking in Georgetown, TX the other day and wondered how much of it is hikeable. Can’t wait to follow your hike. Walk on!


  3. I would love to do a few miles along that trail with you two. Especially from the beginning at the Alamo.


  4. I kinda thought you had one more hike in you! Good for you!!! This time Alice and I will plan to meet you somewhere along the way. Take care my friend.

    Mark and Alice


  5. May Mother Nature be kind and shine upon you on the trail. Be light of foot and listen to her music on the way. I’ll continue to be inspired on your journey.


  6. Hello Sunny! I’d love to see if I could meet you guys during the hike, as I live in North Texas! Would you happen to have a map of your proposed route that you could send me? Thanks! Carolyn Bivans Hudman ________________________________


  7. Love it Sunny! You inspire me:)! I’ll be looking forward to following Cowboy Will;) on the Chisholm Trail;)!


  8. Good Luck, Sonny. A man as much older than me as you are should be sitting at home on the front porch in a rocking chair. Anyway, Happy Trails to you and Get a
    Along Little Doggies, Get Along.


  9. “Git along lil’ doggies”, “Head ’em out, move ’em on” – Gil Favor “Rawhide”


  10. Looking forward to following this Odyssey… Be safe out there Sunny… We love you!!!


  11. I cross the ole trail every time I head out to OKC. Lookin’ forward to yer trip pard.Watch yer topknot!


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