Month: March 2023

The latest from the Chisholm Trail

An update from Stripper: Dearest friends of Nimblewill, NImblewill has asked me to give all of you an update on his “new” journey. Today Bart reached Bowie, TX. Here is Barry displaying what the Bowie name is famous for. While riding in a van… Continue Reading “The latest from the Chisholm Trail”

A status on, and request from Nimblewill

Dearest friends, hiking partners, and lovers of Nimblewill Nomad: I am writing on his behalf (and with his total consent) to let you all know what has been happening with him.  Sometime on Monday, Nimblewill was crossing a road on his Chisholm Trail Odyssey… Continue Reading “A status on, and request from Nimblewill”

Odyssey 2023: The Chisholm Trail Hike On!

Nimblewill and his companions Dan Sims, Bart Smith, and Barry Riddle have left the building! Well, they left from the Alamo on March 4th (I just realized there is a pun there) for this year’s Odyssey up the Ol’ Chisholm Trail. Please follow along… Continue Reading “Odyssey 2023: The Chisholm Trail Hike On!”

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