ODYSSEY 2023: DAY 38

Today, Tuesday, April 11, 2023, right at noon, Bart Smith completed his 38-day journey (say hike) up the Chisholm Trail—starting from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, to end at the old Kansas Pacific Railway Station (thereabouts) in Abilene, Kansas.

Although not as planned (and certainly not as expected) this journey (none the less) turned out to to be a joy-filled time!

Early morning tomorrow, we’ll drop Bart off at the airport in Wichita. From there he’ll fly back to his home near Seattle. From Wichita, Barry will haul me back to Big Lost Creek near Seneca, Missouri, where my old truck is parked. From there, he’ll travel on to Alabama, and home. I’ll be needing further medical attention, likely at the Veterans Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

Thanks Bart; thanks Barry—it’s been one more memorable time in this old man’s life! And to all you who lifted me up in prayer, for your thoughtfulness, no words can adequately express my gratitude.

God Bless You All…


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