A Path By The Side Of The Road

A special recitation by Nimblewill Nomad
Video by George Orozco of Seattle, Washington

George is an ultra-distance runner, looking to soon thru-hike the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. A special thank you to George, for the time and effort taken to put together an image and music background for the Nomad’s recitation of this poem/prayer.

Hike on North Country Trail in Minnesota 2009

Here’s a little throwback for ya! Nimblewill Nomad hikes through a section of the North Country Trail north of Park Rapids, MN in spring 2009.

Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) Resource Guide

Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) Resource Guide

If you’ve been thinking about (perhaps even planning) a trek o’er the ECT, then this comprehensive Resource Guide was written just for you! It was painstakingly compiled by authors Sandra Friend & John Keatley.

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