The Route 66 All-Stars Video

By Peter Berto

Original Route 66 Song by Bobby Troup
Roadtrip Version by The Orange Blues Club

White Blaze: Stories from the Appalachian Trail

Over the years there have been many documentaries about the Appalachian Trail. This is the latest. And it’s a good one!

White Blaze: Stories from the Appalachian Trail by Godfrey Torrance


Many months have passed since Nimblewill successfully completed his last (and likely final) Odyssey – Route 66. So, time to give you a short update.

At the southernmost extent of the Appalachian Mountain Range, in Coosa County, Alabama, stands a monument of a mountain, Flagg Mountain.

And why monumental? Well, first, because of its geographic significance. Coming north from the Gulf, Flagg is the first mountain (or traveling south along the Appalachian Mountain chain, it’s the last mountain) to stand above 1,000 feet. So, Flagg Mountain has the symbolic distinction of being the beginning of the Appalachian Mountain Range. To long-distance hikers, the mountain holds deep meaning. For, here on the flanks of Flagg, begins a world-class trail, the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail. Shouldering their packs here at the first trail blaze on Flagg, it’s possible for hikers to trek the entire Appalachian Mountain Range, all the way to Belle Isle, Newfoundland, the final bastion of the Appalachians to stand above the Labrador Sea.

And the second of Flagg’s importance–its historic significance. For, here on Flagg Mountain stands one of the finest remaining examples of the Civilian Conservation Corps beautiful stone firetowers–dating from the 1930s.

And where does the old Nimblewill Nomad fit into all of this? Well, just give a look…

Flagg Mountain – Hiking in Alabama from Godfrey Torrance on Vimeo.


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