Many months have passed since Nimblewill successfully completed his last (and likely final) Odyssey – Route 66. So, time to give you a short update.

At the southernmost extent of the Appalachian Mountain Range, in Coosa County, Alabama, stands a monument of a mountain, Flagg Mountain.

And why monumental? Well, first, because of its geographic significance. Coming north from the Gulf, Flagg is the first mountain (or traveling south along the Appalachian Mountain chain, it’s the last mountain) to stand above 1,000 feet. So, Flagg Mountain has the symbolic distinction of being the beginning of the Appalachian Mountain Range. To long-distance hikers, the mountain holds deep meaning. For, here on the flanks of Flagg, begins a world-class trail, the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail. Shouldering their packs here at the first trail blaze on Flagg, it’s possible for hikers to trek the entire Appalachian Mountain Range, all the way to Belle Isle, Newfoundland, the final bastion of the Appalachians to stand above the Labrador Sea.

And the second of Flagg’s importance–its historic significance. For, here on Flagg Mountain stands one of the finest remaining examples of the Civilian Conservation Corps beautiful stone firetowers–dating from the 1930s.

And where does the old Nimblewill Nomad fit into all of this? Well, just give a look…

Flagg Mountain – Hiking in Alabama from Godfrey Torrance on Vimeo.


19 Comments on “Announcement

  1. You are an inspiration to me, I’ve even memorized a few of your poems and prayers. They keep me moving with spring on this through hike called “life”. God bless!


  2. Amazing! Thank You Nimblewill for your dedication to the National Trails and for Helping make my Pinhoti Trail Thru-Hike a memorable one. Hike On Brother!

    – Darwin


  3. Amazing! Thank You Nimblewill for your dedication to the National Trails and for Helping make my Pinhoti Trail Thru-Hike a memorable one. Hike On Brother!


  4. Good evening Brother Sunny,

    This is Tony and Bill Bishop from Enterprise, AL.

    We had the honor and pleasure to meet you yesterday.

    We plan to come back with about 10 to 12 young men (Eagle Scouts and Friends-18 years old) on Friday July 13-15.

    We would like to volunteer for a service project if you need some man power to build, move, paint, etc.

    Please let us know.

    I know theres no reservations I believe you said, so its first come, first cabin taken, but we’ll try and get there before noon, and we plan to camp at the tower.

    My number is 334-806-2317, email:

    Look forward to hearing back from you on service project opportunities.

    Tony Bishop


  5. God has rewarded your faithfulness by giving you this new assignment.


  6. I was wondering where you were since your last trip. We were down in Coosa earlier in the last part of April until mid May. I thought of going back to Flagg Mt. To see if you were there but failed to make the trip. I thought about Joe since he was so nice to us when we met you all back last Spring before you started your 66 trip. Having driven I-40 so many times while delivering Motor Homes for Tiffin Co. I knew it could be a dangerous trip. Not only the traffic from big trucks and etc , but lighting storms, dust storms, hail, and some mean nutty people. I was glad when you it to the Pacific Ocean and wrapped the trip up. Anyway it’s good to have you back. We come back to Coosa in Oct. and if you are still around I would love to visit again. Thank The Good Lord for safe return. Robert

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Gayle and I are so happy to hear you have landed in a beautiful place like Flagg Mountain. Maybe we can plan a trip there some day.
    Happy Trails my friend,


  8. Nimblewood Nomad
    What a joy to hear about all your journeys. To take care of that beautiful Flagg Mountain is a privilege. I pray Jesus would continue to guide and bless you with His peace and health. Enjoy every day in God’s creation. Ken, Peacewalker


  9. Wish you the best on your new adventure to restore and maintain Flagg Mountain. Let me know if you are ever going to be near White Rock Mountain or anywhere in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. If I catch myself near Flagg Mountain I will look you up. By the way, the hat is a really nice touch.


  10. Congratulations. If you are ever looking for a short trail getaway (short for you at 240 miles), I would like to invite up to hike the Rideau trail from Kingston to Ottawa, Ontario. I still have your first book that I bought after you were a speaker at an REI class at Amicalola Falls back when I first started backpacking. I have enjoyed checking up on your adventures. You are an inspiration to many. Good luck in your new endeavor.


  11. Can’t think of a better caretaker. Enjoy your new assignment.


  12. This is a beautiful story! So happy for you Sunny that you have found a perfect place to land my friend.


  13. Nimblewill, God has blessed you indeed. Great video. Thanks. I can tell you will enjoy this new “odyssey” in your life. Romel says “Hey!”. Anytime you come to Sacramento, you can stay here with us. Happy Trails…Cameron


  14. I enjoyed your new post and am so happy that things have worked out for you at Flagg.
    See you soon.


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