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347 days. 5,000 miles. On foot!

That’s the sweep of this inspiring, spirit-filled adventure, the first known hike encompassing the entire Appalachian Mountain Range as we know it to exist on the North American continent.

This monumental journey unfolds as seasoned long-distance hiker M.J. Nimblewill Nomad Eberhart tackles his second traverse of the Eastern Continental Trail. Along this near-continuous footpath of connecting trails, he walks south from “Land’s End” at Cap Gaspé, Quebec to a very different view of the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys—framed by Caribbean blue waters—to reach the southernmost point of the United States at Key West.

After achieving this goal, Nimblewill extends this journey with an incredible walk that breaks new ground. On an epic trek across the island of Newfoundland, he continues to where the Long Range Appalachian Mountains rise to meet the tundra, to the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula where the Vikings first landed on this continent over a thousand years ago. Journey’s end is on Belle Isle, the northernmost Appalachian mountaintop to hold its head above “Iceberg Alley” in the Labrador Sea. Along this journey, you’ll meet the many kind and generous souls who lifted Nimblewill, who touched his heart, his life, theirs to be touched in return.

This lyrical and heartfelt recounting captures not only the resolve and challenge of long-distance hiking, but also offers up reverence to the ageless and timeless beauty of the Appalachians.



Ten Million Steps
“First Edition

A publication of the tale of
Nimblewill Nomad and his journey
of the Odyssey of ’98
by M.J. Eberhart

Although this first edition classic is sold out, a number of copies are available through resellers on the used books/secondary market. At type in M. J. Eberhart, then Ten Million Steps, and a list of location availabilities will be provided.

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Ten Million Stepstenmillion2-frontcover300px
“Second Edition

A publication of the tale of
Nimblewill Nomad and his journey
of the Odyssey of ’98
by M.J. Eberhart
Menasha Ridge Press

The “First Edition” hard back version of this book, printed in 2000, was so popular that it sold out in a very short time. Now a new edition has been made available in the form of a 528 page paperback.

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wltpiw-bookfrontWhere Less the Path is Worn

By M. J. Eberhart

Although this first edition printing is sold out, copies may be available through resellers on the used books/secondary market. Try a title search at for current used availabilities.

Book Introduction

This book is a true story about a 347-day trek by foot covering well over 5,000 miles, from the Cliffs of Forillon, Cap Gaspé, Quebec Province, where the St. Lawrence meets the sea, to the southernmost point on the eastern North American continent in Key West, Florida.

Interestingly, the journey doesn’t end there, but returns north again, all the way to the island of Newfoundland, to continue among the Long Range Appalachian Mountains as they rise to meet the tundra, clear to the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula where the Vikings first landed over 1,000 years ago. Journey’s end is on Belle Isle, the remaining mountaintop, the final bastion along the majestic Appalachians to hold its head above the Labrador Sea.

As part of this adventure, and as a distinction, this is the first known trek to cover the entire Appalachian Mountain Range, at least as we know it to exist on the North American continent.

This odyssey is narrated in first person (journal entry) format, in hopes you might enjoy journeying along from day to day. Though vicarious your quest, be prepared to experience the joy, feel the pain, and test the loneliness and toil that only a trek of such magnitude could ever offer up. As it has been for the Nimblewill Nomad, it is hoped this adventure will also prove a journey of inspiration and discovery for you. Indeed, the eastern North American continent is grand, such an expansive and magnificent place, with its natural beauty, its beautiful people. The delight of such discovery can be neither realized nor least understood by those comfortably riding along. One must walk to truly see and understand.

Where Less the Path is Worn will take you along that way. A warning, though. This journey, unfortunately, will require that you endure the doggedness of it, the seemingly countless miles, the countless days, the countless journal entries. You, too, must endure, as did the old Nomad. But your reward, your payoff, it’s here, the magic of discovery, it’s here among these pages.
[N. Nomad]

He who rides and keeps the beaten track studies the fences chiefly.



This collection of poems written by
M.J. Eberhart

This collection of poetry was written by the Nomad over a period of time, then compiled into a published edition in 2001, recently updated in 2005. The main index lists 5 subject categories that include Life/Inspiration, Mysterious Medium Time, That Fire in Our Gut, Hiking/Backpacking, and Nature. There is an accumulation of 70 poems in this volume, which is dedicated to the memory of his father and mother. Although “out of print” and not yet available in the updated version, the Nomad warmly shares these writings with you through his Poetry/Ditties section.

ttnct-frontcover300pxTrekking the

“First Edition

A book about the adventures of
Nimblewill Nomad during his trek
along the North Country Trail,
in his Odyssey 2009 journey.

by M.J. Eberhart

Book Foreword

The Nimblewill Nomad has completed yet another journey, this time o’er the North Country Trail.  My dear friend Nimblewill doesn’t go on long distance hikes, he goes on long distance walking journeys.  Nimblewill’s journeys differ from the journeys we might take in many ways.  His journeys are more of a spiritual exercise involving mind, soul, heart, body and to a lesser extent extremities.  I have had many opportunities to describe lots of people in my lifetime and with a little effort everyone can be described, everyone that is except Nimblewill.  He is that extremely rare individual that defies description.

Nimblewill is the most memorable person I have ever met.  Hikers who met him on the trail many years ago remember the rock they were sitting on when they met him, or the long-neck they shared with him in some far away watering hole.  I remember meeting him for the first time in a rundown motel in Mars Hill, Maine, when he was nearing the end of his Eastern Continental Trail hike.  It was a meeting I will never forget.

As you relive the journey of Nimblewill Nomad, o’er the North Country Trail, please let your mind wander and, rather than seeing it as a series of steps leading from point A to point B, see this journey as a complex expression of self.  A self we might all long to be but, for many reasons, a path we have chosen not to follow.  We should not berate ourselves for not following that path but revel in the watching of the great Nimblewill as he follows that path.  We thank him for making the effort to express his feelings in writing and sharing them with all of us.

If you have a desire to live life to the fullest, end every day with a smile on your face, attnct-backcover450pxnd enjoy to the fullest every single person you meet each day, then you will want to join Nimblewill on his journey along the North Country Trail.  This book should be read as a way of life, sort of like Don Quixote.  It is full of lessons of life but it must be read carefully to learn them all.

Start your journey now.  The Nimblewill Nomad has made the effort to let us into his inner life so take advantage of that opportunity and enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Dick Nopack Anderson
Founder, International Appalachian Trail / Sentier International des Appalaches


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