Flagg Mountain Tower Grand Opening- June 15th, 2022

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Misinformation has appeared across numerous media platforms concerning my position on the (flawed) initiative to move the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail to Alabama. My name has been mentioned, and my picture published, without my knowledge and against my will, in articles about AT2AL, which by association, implies that I support the initiative. This is obviously intentional. It is misleading and unconscionable. I oppose any attempt to relocate the Appalachian Trail southern terminus–to anywhere!

I very much enjoy hiking the southern Appalachians, which start at Flagg Mountain, Alabama.  My record-setting 2021 Bama2Baxter journey began at Flagg Mountain. That trek included the Pinhoti Trail (both Alabama and Georgia), the southern aspect of the Benton MacKaye Trail, and the entire Appalachian Trail–for a combined total of some 2600 miles. These Bama2Baxter pathways connect seamlessly using establishes trails, which work just fine as they are. Many hikers have been, and are, setting out on this interconnected pathway.

The Pinhoti is a trail that should (and does) stand on it’s own.  Alabama doesn’t need the issues that would come with such proposed AT2AL disruption.  The growth that the Pinhoti is experiencing today, both nationally and internationally, is a solid pattern, one that can be sustained, which will continue to bring hikers in from all over.  It is important to those of us that have poured countless hours of work, thousands of dollars (volunteers and clubs) into advancing the Pinhoti–that we maintain the true identity of Alabama’s crown jewel of hiking.

Additionally, I do not want to even consider or ever be associated with the possibility of introducing federal government private land condemnations into our state, which would come automatically with moving the AT southern terminus to Alabama.

Finally, in order to clear up any possible confusion as to my position on this issue, I am available for interview. So, if you agree with my position here, then please make your voice known by signing this petition:


Thank you!






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