The latest from the Chisholm Trail

An update from Stripper:

Dearest friends of Nimblewill,

NImblewill has asked me to give all of you an update on his “new” journey. Today Bart reached

Bowie, TX.

Here is Barry displaying what the Bowie name is famous for.

While riding in a van being part of the support team was not Nimblewill’s idea of the

best hike; however, he is making the most of what he’s been dealt. As a long-distance hiker,

Nimblewill, of all people knows how to adjust to the conditions and just do what you gotta do to

keep moving forward. And, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

On Sunday Nimblewill was able to watch (while on his crutches) a reenactment of the old

longhorn ca+le drive at the stockyards in Fort Worth, TX. I think he had a fantastic time

watching that!

Tuesday Bart was heading up to Indian Territory in Oklahoma and Barry was busy setting up

camp while Nimblewill was chillin at the camp store drinking Shiner Bock.

Luckily, Nimblewill is actually doing what he is supposed to do and taking it easy, taking his pain

meds, and doing his best to keep off his feet. Y’all know just how hard that is for him! So please

continue to hold him up in your thoughts and prayers and continue to send some good healing

vibes his way. Despite the pain and disappointment, Nimblewill is really enjoying his new

journey and he knows how much he is loved, thought of and prayed for.

A status on, and request from Nimblewill

Dearest friends, hiking partners, and lovers of Nimblewill Nomad:

I am writing on his behalf (and with his total consent) to let you all know what has been happening with him.  Sometime on Monday, Nimblewill was crossing a road on his Chisholm Trail Odyssey with his buddy Bart, when he was hit by a large pickup truck.  His left leg was broken in 3 places but did not require surgery.  His right ankle is very sore, but no real damage.  

He was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and has chosen to continue in the support van with Barry providing support to Bart.  Friends, he is in real pain right now.  The pain meds are really causing some issues with coherency.  He has asked that I write this because he is feeling overwhelmed with all the incoming questions and well wishes and cannot simply respond to them all.  Not being able to answer or acknowledge every single text, email, or phone call is concerning for Sunny.  

Let us love Sunny by holding him up in positive thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.  He’s asked that we allow him to recover a bit.  Please hold your texts, calls, and communication with him until he is of a mind to answer.  He is hurting. And the best way to help him right now is just to let him heal for a bit.  He will get back in contact with all of us when he is able.  He is in good spirits but truly hurting; his leg is healing and that was his biggest injury.  

Nimblewill is so very grateful to all of you reaching out to him and is so very thankful to each and every one of you.  He knows, beyond any shadow of doubt, that he is loved.  Jon and I are grateful for the opportunity to speak on his behalf as his webmasters and appreciate the love and concern you all are showing for Sunny.  We will keep you updated as Sunny gives us information.  He tried to keep everything positive, but the pain just began to overwhelm him.  He is in his 80’s, has a broken leg in three places, and that isn’t easy for anyone.  

Julie (aka Stripper)

Odyssey 2023: The Chisholm Trail Hike On!

Nimblewill and his companions Dan Sims, Bart Smith, and Barry Riddle have left the building! Well, they left from the Alamo on March 4th (I just realized there is a pun there) for this year’s Odyssey up the Ol’ Chisholm Trail. Please follow along by clicking here.

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