The Previous Last, Last Hike

Our Odyssey 2023 site is just about ready. In the meantime, in order to get everyone warmed up and in shape to follow along as he hikes the Chisholm Trail, Nimblewill would like to remind everyone of his award-winning documentary, The Last Last Hike. Filmed on his 2021 ‘Bama to Baxter hike, the film means so much to Nimblewill and hopefully to you also.

Watch it here 

Odyssey ’23 – The Chisholm Trail

Well, here we go—Odyssey ‘23 – The Chisholm Trail, Nimblewill’s LAST LAST LAST hike!

Nimblewill will again be hiking along with Bart Smith (Bart’s done all 30 of our National Scenic/Historic Trails). They’ll depart San Antonio (from the Alamo) on March 4th, to push them “git along little doggies” on up that old cattle drive trail to Abilene, Kansas.

Recently, Nimblewill’s been out hiking a few 10-mile days in preparation for Odyssey ‘23, and he’s doing quite well. As you likely know, the old fellow is pushing 85 now.

Please plan on coming along with Bart & Nimblewill on this latest adventure! There’ll be an Odyssey ‘23 page up real soon, so check back often! Then, plan on coming along—we’re gonna have a hootin good time—Come a Ti Yi Yippee Yippee Yay…

UPDATE: The Odyssey 2023 page is now open. We are still getting warmed up for the hike and so is the site. Open the page here.

DITTIES – Whispers, Shadows, and Sunshine, 2nd Edition

Nimblewill is pleased to announce that his book of poetry, DITTIES – Whispers, Shadows, and Sunshine, 2nd Edition, is now available!

It consists of 134 pages, six chapters, which include: Life & Inspiration; Mysterious Medium Time; That Fire in Our Gut; Hiking & Backpacking; Nature; On the Lighter Side

Please send check or money order for $25.00 USD to:

Sunny Eberhart

131 Bond School Road

Olean, Missouri 65064

Shipping and handling is free in the lower 48.

Due to the upcoming Odyssey 2023 hike of the Chisholm Trail, personally signed copies are not available at this time.

Note: Availability is limited and may cause longer periods between order and shipping. Nimblewill appreciates your indulgence.

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