ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Yes folks, Nimblewill has laced up his Oboz trekkers and is shouldering his Murmur backpack
one more time–for the last, last time!

This year’s odyssey will be known as “Odyssey 2021 ‘Bama to Baxter – Hike On.”  This will be the ultimate journey in this old man’s life, one of body, mind and spirit.

This trek begins at Flagg Mountain, the southernmost mountain in the Appalachians
Mountain Range. From Flagg he’ll follow the Pinhoti Trail through northeast Alabama into
Georgia where he’ll connect with the Benton MacKaye Trail–which leads to Springer Mountain
in north Georgia. On Springer Mountain he’ll pick up the Appalachian Trail and hike it on to
Mt. Katahdin in Maine.
Journal entries and photos will be posted often. Gonna be another predictively unpredictable
Nimblewill Odyssey – Bama to Baxter 2021 Hike On.

Sure be great to have y’all come along…

15 Comments on “ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Saw you on Fox News and thought I’d check out your site. I’m 50 and I wish I had your energy!
    Good luck!


  2. Sonny, so sorry we didn’t get to make it back to Flagg the day before you left, we had a sick grand baby. We are going to try to surprise Kinsley and come meet up with you on the trail some time this summer. We hope to see you soon, hope you are enjoying every step. We also look forward to seeing you back up on the mountain this fall or winter in Weogufka.


  3. I will be following. Hope to catch you on the AT in NJ. Will bring some trail magic.


  4. Wow! I’m so impressed and inspired. I’m already a daily hiker. I am saying a prayer for your safety and to have a good ole big time as you complete this record! Bravo!


  5. Hope our group can see you on Saturday March 27 on top of Springer Mountain around noon.

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  6. Enjoying your 10,000,000 Steps book. Following your progress with an atlas. Slows the reading but adds much. You just entered New Jersey.


  7. Thank you for inspiring me! I can never thank you enough! I’ll be following along. Lake ECT 2012


  8. Nimblewill,

    You are truly an inspiration for the hiking community! Wishing you the best on your journey.


  9. So excited to follow along with you thru your journal. Hopefully our paths will cross later this Spring as we approach GA/NC border on the AT. If not we will definitely still follow along behind you. Happy Trails and May God bless every one of your steps.


    • Hey Buddy. Glad to see you’re doing ok. I will keep in touch with you and be reading the entries even though I’m not working anymore. Still got to keep saine.Be careful and we’ll keep in touch.


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