“Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.”
Don Marquis


To dear father and mother
in loving memory

Elbert Meredith Eberhart, D.O. (1914-1984)
Anna (Nee) Johnson Eberhart (1912-1979)

A Path by the Side of the Road

A special recitation by Nimblewill Nomad
Video by George Orozco of Seattle, Washington

George is an ultra-distance runner, looking to soon thru-hike the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. A special thank you to George, for the time and effort taken to put together an image and music background for the Nomad’s recitation of this poem/prayer.

Table of Contents

I. Life/Inspiration

A Path by the Side of the Road
Life’s Blessings
Path of Faith
Finding the Way
No Way Home
A Sojourner’s Prayer
The Pelt and the Feather
Ubaldine Dea
Carol’s Log Cabin
Going Home
A Life of Grace
Freedom’s Dull Bell
Friars at Graymoor
The Enders Family Reunion
De Swanee My Home

II. Mysterious Medium Time

The Missing Gene
Captor Time
One of These Day
Life’s Time Warp
Eternal Mountains
A Path Trough Time
Loom of Time

III. That Fire in our Gut

Land of the Free
Mist on the Wind
How the West was Won
The 100 Mile Wilderness
Why Go
Zealand Hut

IV. Hiking/Backpacking

Highlands Journey
Spirit of the Mountains
The Eastern Continental Trail
God’s Glorious Gift
Through Trails
Appalachian Friend
‘Bama Roadwalkin’ Friends
Class of ’98
Which Path Indeed
The Spirits of Sagamook
Secrets of the Restigouche
Ballad of the IAT
Naught but Regret
Cumberland Valley Roadwalk
Appalachian Ranger
Sprouting Wing
The Lord’s Mill

V. Nature

Ma Nature’s Paintbrush
Mystical Brotherhood
Sweet Shenandoah
The Bigelows
Little Bigelow
A Well-Kept Secret
Land of the Seminole
Thunder on the Mountain
Little Rocky Row
The Last Fall
Nocturnal Spell

VI. On the Lighter Side

Help thy Neighbor
Good Luck
Ol’ Staggerin
Now Cut that Out
Check the Deed
Hiker’s Scourge
Share n’ Share Alike
The House that Jack Built
On Bonefish Sugarloaf
Head Phones
No Finer Fare

More Ditties

Listening Point
Long Gone
Prayer for a New Day
Ring Out Ye Joyful Bell
Slow Times
The Lemming
The Lone Expedition
Time Out
Wishing Well

 “Serenade” by Schubert

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