ODYSSEY 2021 Gear List

Odyssey 2021 Gear List

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“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.”

GEAR LIST (pounds-ounces.tenth ounces)

0-10.7 Gossamer Gear Murmur Hyperlight Backpack
1-00.0 Zpacks Hexamid Solo Tent (with stakes)
0-15.0 Zpacks Solo Quilt (3 season)
0-08.1 Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad
0-01.3 Dollar General emergency poncho
0-05.6 Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Vest
0-01.7 Zpacks Ventum Windshell (zipper/hood)
0-00.9 Zpacks Vertice Rain Mittens
0-02.6 Gatorade bottle (2@1.3) 

0-00.3 Silnylon ditty bag
0-10.5 Apple iPhone w/case/charger
0-07.3 14-days OTC (Osteo Bi-Flex®, GNC® sports meds, Ecotrin®, regular aspirin)

4-15.7 Total pack weight

On my person (other than pack or hip belt):

0-07.2 Shorts
0-07.2 White long-sleeve thermal shirt
0-02.8 Bridgedale Trekkers socks
2-03.5 Obōz Trail Shoes
0-02.1 Zpacks Calf Gaiters
0-01.6 Headsweats Coolmax Race Hat
0-14.4 Leki Cressida Antishock trekking poles
0-00.7 Nonprescription sunglasses
0-00.7 OTC reading glasses
0-02.0 Wallet and contents

4-07.0 Total (other than pack weight)

9-6.8 Total Gear Weight

*All gear has been weighed to the nearest pounds, ounces, tenth-ounces (00-00.0).  Please keep in mind that totals represent dry pack weight (food and water not included).  Food and water can add considerable weight, and that added weight will vary according to water availability and the number of days between re-supply.  Customarily, I carry no more than two liters of water (a tad under four pounds) at any given time, even across barren stretches, because I travel light and travel fast.  My food bag (plastic shopping bag), on average, contains no more than two pounds/day.  So, out of town and fully loaded for two days between re-supply, the average for this trek, my total pack weight (water to the next source, plus food) would likely come in well under 15 pounds. It should be noted that ultra-light backpacks are not designed to carry heavy loads, nor should one be trekking in lightweight trail runners when lugging a heavy pack.


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