Travels with “Eb”

Another throwback video for your enjoyment!

“M.J. Eberhart goes by the handle Nimblewill Nomad on the trail. Depending on who you talk to he also goes by Sunny or Eb. He’s hiked all 11 National Scenic Trails – that’s a total of nearly 19,000 miles.” BLMOREGON

4 Comments on “Travels with “Eb”

  1. Hi Sunny! Things were a little rough there, for awhile. Glad to see you are still kicking rocks and jumping roots!


  2. Glad to see that you are hiking again out west. It’s also the 150 anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad May 8. Will you have an itinerary on your website? Take care. If you are in Sacramento area give us a call.

    Cameron and Romel


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