Odyssey ’00-’01 Gear List


The Main Dwelling

Storage Shed – GVP Gear G4 Pack, 0-11.0

Garage – Wanderlust Nomad Tent, 1-15.0

Bedroom – Feathered Friends Rock Wren II Down Bag, 1-06.0;  Thermarest Ultralight ¾ by ¾ pad, 0-15.0;  closet and chest of drawers (bread wrappers and various stuff sacks)

Kitchen – One quart aluminum pot, 0-03.0; Aluminum bowl, 0-01.0; Stainless steel spoon (handle bent for pot-holder), 0-00.8, Aluminum cup, 0-00.6; Homemade Hobo Wood-burning stove (Nomad’s Little Dandy), 0-04.0; Butane lighter, 0-00.6; Gerber 400 single-blade lockback, 0-00.8; Iodine preps from first- aid kit for emergency water purification.  Pantry (bread wrappers)

Bathroom – Threadbare regular towel, ¾ cut lengthwise; also used as a bandanna, 0-03.6; the other ¼ serves as a sweat band, large splint/bandage wrap, 0-00.6; comb, 0-00.2, no soap, no toothpaste, no toothbrush, no toilet paper.  Medicine cabinet (bread wrapper containing first-aid kit…see Jitney repair kit)

Laundry Room – Fifteen feet of parachute cord for clothesline.  0-00.4

LibraryIn bookcase (bread wrappers) maps, topos and data books, (ALDHA Thru-Hiker Companion, 0-05.2; ATC Data Book, 0-01.6); Bible, (New Testament + Psalms + Proverbs, 0-02.0)
In desk drawer (zip-locks) pencil and logbook, 0-01.0; phone/address book, 0-00.8; driver’s license, debit card, calling card, small amount of cash, 0-01.0.

For the Old Jitney

Tires – Vasque Approach Avanti 7668 (mid-cut cross-trainers with shank), 2-02.0; Etonic racers, 1-0.4

Innertubes – Two pair wool rag. 0-2.2 each

Brakes and Shocks – Leki Super Makalu trekking poles. 1-04.2

Trim Package – Nylon pants, 0-03.6, nylon shorts, 0-04.6, homemade nylon gaiters, 0-02.6, shirts (one short sleeve poly mesh, 0-02.4, one long sleeve button-front wool, 0-08.6).   Note: also have thermals, gloves and wool cap for winter hiking. Thermals, tops, 0-06.4, bottoms, 0-05.0.  Wool gloves, 0-01.4, unlined leather overmittens, 0-02.6, wool cap, 0-01.8.

Convertible Top – Wanderlust Poncho, 0.06.0 (also serves as pack cover)

Accessoriesaudio Panasonic microcassette recorder/player, 0-06.6; video, Nikon Nice Touch 4, 0-08.5; communication, Pocket mail, 0.08.4; lighter (see kitchen); speedometer (L.E.D. watch, 0.01.0; Silva type-3 compass, 0-00.6); glove boxmedicine pouch w/charismatic touchstone, 0-00.0; keychain thermometer, 0.00.5

Rear View Mirror – Plastic coated 3″ X 4″ by REI. (Not carried)

Headlight/Dome Light – White Photon, 0.00.2

Windshield – Oakley Blades, 0-00.6; halfeyes, 0-00.6

Under the HoodRadiator (one quart Rubbermaid with squeeze spout, 0-01.8; 20oz. plastic pop bottle, 0-00.6; one liter plastic pop bottle, 0-00.8; in hip-belt pouch, 0-00.6); oil and lube (multiple vitamins, enteric coated aspirin and Osteo-Bi-Flex for the ol’ chassis, engine and U-joints, week’s supply, 0-02.0)

In the TrunkRepair kit: (Band-Aid assortment, triple antibiotic, alcohol/iodine prep pads, adhesive tape, moleskin, medicated powder, tooth picks, latex exam gloves, 0-02.8). Spare tire…see tires.

For the Fuel Tank – Rice (not instant), bread (not white), canned fish steaks/sardines, peanut butter and jelly (in plastic shelf containers), cheese (individually wrapped), coffee, pudding (instant okay for pudding but not coffee), gravy and seasoning packets, pop tarts, candy, cookies.  And for the first day back on the trail…apples, bananas, oranges, ground beef, etc.

You Gave Me a Mountain

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