Odyssey 2002 Gear List

GVP Gearâ G4 pack
Wanderlust Gearâ Nomad tent with pegs
Cascade Designsâ Therm-a-Restâ GuideliteÔ pad
Feathered Friendsâ rock wren bag
Wanderlust Gear poncho
Shortsleeve capilene T
Nylon pants
Hiker Trash painter’s cap
Towel strip for headband
Two, one liter pop bottles
Water bottle belt pouch
Standard garbage bag
Breadwrappers for food
Lightweight fleece stuffsack/pillowcase
DeLorme Topo USAâ maps and data sheets in large Ziploc
Nylon ditty bag for: stainless steel spoon; first-aid kit in Ziplocä; medicated powder in Ziploc; tooth brush; tooth powder in Ziploc; dental floss; dropper bottle with bleach; butane lighter; white Photon Micro-Lightâ; 15 feet of parachute cord; comb; compass; film; Ecotrinâ & Rexall/Sundownâ Osteo-Bi-Flexâ in Ziploc; 35mm Olympusâ ¥ Stylus Epic ZOOM 80ä camera in Ziploc; Sharpâ TM-20 PocketMailä in Ziploc; Franklinâ SA-206PLUS Spelling Aceâ with thesaurus in Ziploc
9.5 lbs. Total dry pack weight (excluding food and water)
Nylon shorts
Nylon gaiters
Longsleeve polypro shirt
Longsleeve wool shirt
Fleece headband
Fleece finger flap mittens
Bridgedaleâ Trekker socks
New Balanceâ 804’s
Smith and Wessonâ Magnum EliteÔ mirrorwrap sunglasses
Lekiâ Makalu Ultralite Air ErgoÔ trekking poles
Medicine pouch/necklace
Plastic wallet for: driver’s license; pictures; debit card; cash and change
Halfeye specs
Panasonicâ RN-202 microcassette recorder in Ziploc
Timexâ Ironman TriathlonÔ watch
On my person (other than pack): For mid-March departure from Cape Hatteras
Pack on, sticks in hand—and the old Nomad—we’ll tip out at 165 pounds!
In bounce box sent ahead usually a week or two:
Nail clippers; medications; medicated powder; tooth powder; maps/data sheets; slide film; microcassette tapes; pocketknife (still can’t give it up); spare socks; 123 pile lithium battery/AA lithium batteries/AAA alkaline batteries/Photon batteries/jeweler’s screwdriver; mattress/nylon repair kit; pen/paper/cards; extra winter gear; shipping tape/labels; scissors/needle/thread; a book or two; spare Ziplocs/trashbags; spare shades/halfeyes; spare first-aid supplies; spare tent pegs
 Water and Food:
I’ll trust my judgment to take and drink directly from certain sources.  Others from which I must choose, I’ll treat as needed with bleach.  For a thirst-quencher and to replace vital electrolytes, I’ll again be relying on Conquestâ.

I’ve decided not to carry a stove, a cookpot or a cup this time out.  Since I’ll be hiking long mile days I’ll frequently pass through villages and by food stores and little mom-‘n-pops where I can splurge on local delicacies (We only go ‘round once, and my journey on this old orb, fortunately, is turning out to be a dandy—pizza ‘n beer, here I come!).  I anticipate not having to pack more than 3-5 days of food at any given time.  These meals will, of necessity, be cold ones.

These tradeoffs, I believe, and from past experience I’ve found, are good ones.  The purpose is to eliminate pack weight.  This will permit and facilitate sustained long mileage days.  At age 63 I like that!

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