Odyssey 2008 Videos

Part 1 – This video segment begins near Idyllwild, California, taking in the San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear Lake, some interesting wildlife along the trail, surprise antics at Deep Creek Hot Springs, some great panoramic shots through Crowder Creek Canyon and other areas, the ascent to the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell, and finally a scenic sweep from the crest of a mountain in the beginning of the Angeles National Forest.

Part 2 – This segment continues through the Angeles National Forest, beginning near Islip Saddle, and includes some very interesting information about endangered species along the trail. Also captured on film is the first rain experienced since the beginning of the journey, along with very chilly sleet, happening of all places as they began crossing the Mojave Desert. Other clips let you share in a birthday surprise for a fellow hiker and some awesome views from atop mountains as they near Walker Pass and begin their trek in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Part 3 – This segment begins at the Kennedy Meadows Campground, where the Nomad introduces many fellow thru-hikers. As the trek continues, you will get a look at the scorched, damaged area of the Clover Fires that passed through days before, and then panoramic views of the beauty of the High Sierras. Then, after a 4-mile ascent, stand with the Nomad as he plants an American Flag atop the summit of Mt. Whitney, an elevation of 14,495 feet.

Part 4 – This segment begins at Sequoia National Park, as the Nomadcontinues his journey through Forester Pass, Kearsarge Pass, Pinchot Pass and Mather Pass, sharing with you some breathtaking video of the High Sierras and the rushing snow melts roaring down the mountains.

Part 5 – This segment brings the Nomad to Muir Pass. Again see and hear the rushing waters of the snow melt as it roars through Evolution Creek and enjoy the panoramic scenes in the Range of Light” of the High Sierras, with views from Selden Pass, Edison Lake, and Silver Pass. Oh, and don’t miss a little frolic in the snow before coming to a rest at Red’s Meadow, near Mammoth Lake.

Part 6 – This segment begins at Donahue Pass, with a scenic view and a glimpse of a friendly critter that seems to like being around thru-hikers. And then, as the Nomad nears the end of the John Muir Trail, you will find him atop Half Dome watching the sun rise, along with some heart-pounding footage 3000 ft. above the forest floor. Next is a wonderful panoramic sweep at Wolf Creek Pass and, after putting the Echo Lake to Tuolumne section behind him, the video comes to an end at the breath-taking, stark Desolation Wilderness, with the most stunning reflections you’ll ever see.

Part 7 – This segment begins at Hat Creek Rim. With so many fires shrouding the views with smoke cover, the Nomad shares the trail a little more close up and personal. You’ll see crystal clear water sources the hikers find and use, loggers cutting trees directly across the trail path, a path-crossing reunion with south-bounder Billy Goat, and a group of furry back packers along the trail. There are a few beautiful views beyond the Trinity Alps, at lower Deadfall Lake, and on toward Mt. Eddy peak, as the Nomad treks on to finish the northern California portion of the PCT.

Part 8 – This video segment begins in the Trinity Alps, as the Nomadbrings to a close the northern California section of the PCT hike. Continuing on the trail into southern Oregon, the Nomad pauses at Devil’s Peak Saddle to capture a panorama, with Mt. Shasta and Mt. McLaughlin in view. From there he heads on to Crater Lake, where he spends time sharing the beauty and awe inspiring view and history of this magnificent feat of nature.

Part 9 – In this video segment the Nimblewill Nomad continues filming the awe and wonder of Crater Lake, sharing its history while remembering his visit, as a child, nearly 60 years earlier. Then, giving us one last look as he travels the rim, the Nomad takes up the trail to move on. From there he captures the surrounding beauty as he makes the climb toward Cowhorn Mountain and enters the Diamond Peaks Wilderness, later coming to rest with the reflective qualities of upper Rosary Lake, above Willamette Pass.

Part 10 – This segment of video, as narrated by the Nimblewill Nomad, shares the scenic views of Sisters Wilderness, Mt. Washington Wilderness, and from the rim below Mt. Jefferson. This is the last of the video taken by the Nomad during his Odyssey 2008 journey. Actually, there were a few more clips taken but they were still in the camera, on the media card, when his camera was lost along the trail somewhere just prior to Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, 11 days prior to the completion of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

A Long Time Ago

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