Odyssey 2012 IANST Video/Audio

The Nomad carries a small digital camera (see Gear List) with him to capture the people, places and breathtaking scenery found along the trail. Every couple of weeks he sends home his camera media card so online photo albums and videos can be created to share with you. Be sure to check back often to view these images and experience the journey through his eyes.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 1

June 28, from Potawatomi State Park to June 30, south of Algoma, Wisconsin

Follow the Nimblewill Nomad as he begins with what he calls Day Zero of the first trek of his 2012 Odyssey. First he captures a shot of downtown Minneapolis, as he lingers at the bus station there, in route from his home in Missouri to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Upon arrival at Green Bay, the Nomad is treated to a little “Trail Magic” from a couple of “Trail Angels” known as Meander and Bacon. They were at Green Bay to meet the Nomad and transport him on to Sturgeon Bay, at the Potawatomi State Park, where he begins Odyssey 2012 on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT). Next we see a scene along the Ahnappe Rail Trail, by the Ahnappe River, and then on to Algoma for an overnight. South of Algoma the Nomad pauses to deliberate on whether or not to take the suggested County Road K, with no shoulder, or State Road 42, with a wider, marked shoulder to hike along. The Nomad chooses the State Road and heads on his way, sharing a little footage of the tarmac with us.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 2

July 1, from Tisch Mills to July 7, Delafield, Wisconsin

In this segment the Nomad is trekking the Tisch Mills Segment of the IAT. Heading into the Weber Section he pauses to share some helpful advice posted along the creek bank. The Nomad hikes the beach down to Two Rivers, from the lovely Point State Park, and stops for a visit at the historical Washington House, location of the very first “ ice cream sundae.” Then it’s on through the Kettle Moraine Section, in the Kettle Moraine State Forest, to the Kewaskum Section, and a beautiful vista view from the Holy Hill Shrine and Monastery. Back in the forest for short sections between roadwalks to get around the urban areas of Milwaukee, Slinger, and Hartland, heading on to Delafield, in the hills of the Kettle Moraine.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 3

July 9, from Palmyra to July 15, Lodi, Wisconsin

This segment begins with the Nomad meeting up with another IAT thru-hiker, named Paul, heading the opposite direction on the trail. They exchange greetings and the Nomad gives him some camera time to share information about the ‘cause’ he’s walking for. Then it’s on down the trail for some roadwalking on State Highway 26, as he nears Janesville, there to pause at the Rock River Bridge and comment that this location marks the southernmost extent of his journey along the IAT. A little further down the road, in Cross Plains, the Nomad stops at the headquarters of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. Later, in Lodi, he crosses the Rainbow Bridge, a 150-foot bridge built by volunteer staff, along with Lodi Middle and High School students, which lays claim to being the largest human-made structure on the IAT.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 4

July 17, from Devil’s Lake State Park to July 24, Antigo, Wisconsin

In this segment the Nimblewill Nomad shares a conversation with Dave, a DNR trail builder and volunteer with the Mobile Skills Crew, who spent a few days with Nomad to show him around the Devil’s Lake State Park area. On down the trail, at Portage, the Nomadpauses to remind us to “recycle”. South of Rosholt, on his roadwalk, the Nomad stops to visit with Sharon (Jingle) and Brad, learning a little more about glacier features. Yet further along, as the Nomadheads toward Antigo, we’re treated to the soothing, refreshing sounds of the Eau Claire River, in the Dells of the Eau Claire, preserved as a state natural area in Wisconsin, located just east of Wausau, in Marathon County.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 5

July 24, from Antigo to July 29, Lookout Mountain, Wisconsin

This segment begins with a continued view of the Dells of the Eau Claire River, before the Nimblewill Nomad takes us on down the trail to share a peaceful scene in Langlade County. Next, with his camera in one hand and a walking stick in the other, we get to ford the Prairie River with the Nomad, and then he treats us to a 360 degree panoramic view from the Lookout Mountain tower in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.


Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2012 – IAT – Part 6

July 31, from Lincoln County to August 11, Luck, Wisconsin

This video segment begins at the power turbines located between Grandfather Falls and New Wood County Park, in Lincoln County, powered by the Wisconsin River. Further down the trail the Nimblewill Nomad offers us a tranquil view in the Chequamegon National Forest. A bit more roadwalking down State Highway 64, from Gilman to Cornell, and then the Nomad shows us the beautiful tread he had the pleasure of hiking in the Chippewa Moraine, and one of the many lakes he passed along that route, before hitting the tarmac again for a roadwalk on in to Weyerhaeuser. The Nomad takes time to explain to us about some new trail that has been built, south of Birchwood, and then treks on down some of this new section to stand where the trail now joins with the Gandy Dancer Rail Trail, about 5 miles north of Luck. Once he arrives Luck and spends the night, it will only be about 24 miles further to Interstate Park, at St. Croix Falls, which will bring an end to the Nimblewill Nomad’s incredible adventure along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.


July 25, 2012 – Antigo, Wisconsin
Radio Interview with the Nimblewill Nomad
WATK-AM 900 Arby’s Breakfast Club
Host Gary Hartl

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