Odyssey 2014 Photos

The Nomad carries a small digital camera (see Gear List) with him to capture the people, places and breathtaking scenery found along the trail. Every couple of weeks he sends home his camera media card so online photo albums and videos can be created to share with you. Be sure to check back often to view these images and experience the journey through his eyes.

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April 29 to May 14

Independence, Missouri to Lawrence, Nebraska

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May 14 to May 29

Nelson, Nebraska to Courthouse Rock and Jail Rock, Nebraska

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May 30 to June 15

Bridgeport, Wyoming to Casper, Wyoming

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June 16 to June 30

Fort Casper, Wyoming to Fort Bridger, Wyoming

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July 2 to July 15

Fort Bridger, Wyoming to Past Raft River at Heglar Canyon to Near Declo, Idaho

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July 17 to July 26

Starrh’s Ferry, Idaho to Bonneville Point, Idaho

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August 1 to August 11

Vale, Oregon to Pendleton, Oregon

Final Photos Unavailable

Although the last photo album was not the end of the Oregon National Historic Trail, unfortunately it is the end of what the Nimblewill Nomad has to share with you. He did continue to take photos and videos all the way to Oregon City but technology dictated a sad (and irretrievable) outcome. With his last two digital camera cards in the mail to his web administrator, the Nomad found himself in need of purchasing another SD card. In the location where he was at the time, the only choice was to buy a micro-mini SD card. It worked just fine in his camera and he was able to view the images before removing the card to mail, so had no idea there would be any problems. Once received, after trying everything possible (various computers, readers, recovery software, etc.) nothing worked to resurrect the images the card once held. A call to the manufacturer provided us with the only logical explanation, that the SD card had been demagnetized somewhere along its line of travel in the US Postal Service. With that being the case, they confirmed there was no way the images/video could be recovered. We’re very sad about this loss, and very sorry we could not share the Nomad‘s last days on the ONHT with you.

The Last Rose of Summer

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