Odyssey 2015 CNHT Videos

The Nomad carries a small digital camera (see Gear List) with him to capture the people, places and breathtaking scenery found along the trail. Every couple of weeks he sends home his camera media card so online photo albums and videos can be created to share with you. Be sure to check back often to view these images and experience the journey through his eyes.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2015: CNHT (Part 1)

May 27, from Parting of the Ways/Raft River Crossing to May 31, Record Bluff in Little Goose Creek Canyon, Nevada

Follow along as the Nimblewill Nomad and Bart Smith make their way along the California Trail, starting at the Parting of the Ways/Raft River Crossing in Idaho. This may well be one of the most subtly dramatic sites remaining on the emigrant trails. Here, in the middle of an open, sagebrush plain, the trails diverge. Emigrants had to decide whether to stay on the main route to Oregon, and head southwest towards Fort Bridger, or veer right and cross the Little Colorado Desert to make their way to California. A few days down the trail the Nomadtreats us to a wondrous site, Record Bluff in Little Goose Creek Canyon, Nevada, where so many of those emigrants have left their marks. Although the wind causes problems with the audio on this portion, the images are stellar in capturing the history that has been left behind for all to witness and appreciate. Names and dates carved into the rocks from the 1840’s and 1850’s, along with some names actually painted on with axle grease that have miraculously stood the test of time.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2015: CNHT (Part 2)

June 8, from Elko to June 17, Iron Point, Nevada

After leaving the California Trail Interpretive Center, the Nomad and Bart began making their way to the Greenhorn Cutoff. A couple of days later they were very fortunate to have permission from the private land owner to pass through Emigrant Canyon (which is located on private property), as they headed on toward the Humboldt River. A few days later they found themselves at Iron Point, trekking just a bit further to Marker C65A , an open grave marker, they pay their respects and the Nomad points out some of the swales remaining next to the railgrade.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2015: CNHT (Part 3)

June 25, from Carson City, Nevada to June 27, Sierra Nevada Summit, California

The Nomad begins this video segment by taking us on a tour of Carson City, the capital of Nevada, showing us the beautiful tree lined streets, Court House, Bronze Statue of Kit Carson, and the Capital Building.  Then, leaving the desert of Nevada behind, crossing into California, climbing through Carson Canyon, the Nomad stops to provide us with a scenic view of a place called Red Lake. Further along the trail, he and Bart Smith are climbing toward Carson Pass on the old Emigrant Road. Reaching Carson Pass we are treated to an historical reading of the information about this location. Finally, after a challenging climb, the Nomad and Bart make it up to West Pass and on to the Sierra Nevada Summit.

Nimblewill Nomad – Odyssey 2015: CNHT (Part 4)

June 28, from near Mud Lake to July 3, Sutter’s Fort (Sacramento), California

This video begins with the Nomad and Bart Smith descending from West Pass and the Sierra Nevada Summit toward Mud Lake, trekking along a 16 mile stretch known as the Gold Rush Trail, enjoying some amazing swales. Reaching Mud Lake, there lies an emigrant grave of George Cottonwood, with an iron wagon wheel as his headstone. Later, a brief pause at the Placerville Aquatic Center, then on to downtown “Hangtown”, the center of where all the California gold rush started. Further down the mountain another pause on the trestle of the El Dorado Rail Trail. A beautiful sight, and it looks as though many have left behind a remembrance of being there. At last, reaching the end of this year’s odyssey and the end of the California National Historic Trail, the video closes with The Nomad and Bart arriving at Sutter’s Fort, in downtown Sacramento.


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