Odyssey 2023 – Journal Entry 2

Sunday—March 5, 2023

Trail Day—02

Trail Mile—12.6/24.5

Location—I-35 Frontage Road south of New Braunfels

This time I’m spending with Barry, Bart, and Dan, just a special time. To have these friends, it’s a blessing to this old man!

Today we finally put San Antonio behind us. Yet the hike continues along I-35, the access road—and we’ll remain on this road for quite a ways yet. That’s fine with me; I actually enjoy this. I can step out and take a steady stride without having to worry about each and every foot placement. Two days now, no falls—that is good!

Bart beats me on the treasure find. For him, a quarter, a bunch of nickels, dimes, and pennies. I came up with a few pennies and a couple nickels, that was it.

Another blue-perfect day, high 70s, a gentle breeze. Though it pretty much proved a heads-down and just go day, it passed quickly, other pleasant time on the old Chisholm Trail (say Highway)…

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