Odyssey 2023 – Journal Entry 3

Monday—March 6, 2023

Trail Day—03

Trail Mile—11/35.5

Location—I-35 Frontage Road south on San Marcos

Well folks, this day started out just fine but didn’t end up so well. A half-mile before day’s end a lady pulled out from a side street and ran slap over me.

She did stop, and there was an eyewitness that also stopped. One of them called 911. Emergency was there right away. The woman was driving one of those big Cadillac Escalade SUVs. I managed to get my upper body out of the way before going down, but she ran over my left leg & right foot. My left leg is broken in three places. Ha, you can see the tire marks on my leg.

I was rushed to the emergency room at Ascension Seton Hospital in Kyle, Texas.

My hike is over, of course. But please follow; I will post more…

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