Odyssey 2023 – Journal Entry 7

Sunny’s Latest News

March 28, 2023

I am healing up, and looks of it I’ll regain full use of my left leg & knee. But it’s a-going to be a slow, arduous process. To possess the least virtue, that of patience, is a blessing from the Lord.

Prayers a-plenty, from so many, many dear friends, lifted up for me, they’re truly working; this is a miracle!

With Bart not having to drag me along, he’s really been covering the ground. We’re already in Oklahoma. He’ll end up near Duncan this evening. Been dodging some short, severe storms, but just perfect hiking conditions otherwise.

Three more weeks+- and this will be a done deal–way sooner than I’d ever thought.

My problem will be getting my left leg working well enough to push the clutch in on my old truck.

We’re in Duncan, Oklahoma! Bart’s burnin’ this trail!

The paintings (originals) are from the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center here in Duncan.

It’s just a magnificent place, a wonderful tribute to the old trail/cowboy era—that spawned America’s love affair with the Wild, Wild West.

Just thoroughly enjoying (and makin’ the best of) this adventure with Bart. I was afraid we’d be interfering with his trek, but we’re all sharing a great time

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