Vignette Coin Collection

Vignette-Coins-LGDuring my childhood, those formative years (1940s), I vividly recall sitting the dining room table with my grandfather. We spent hour upon hour systematically sifting through rolls of coins–pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, even half and silver dollars, upgrading those we already had while searching for those very rare ones yet needed to complete our individual collections. We were the quintessential numismatists!

It was a fun and incredibly exciting hobby, especially when grandpa or I’d find a rare coin, like the 1914D Lincoln wheat penny, the 1931S, or the more rare 1909S VDB. Over time we found them all. Yes, just a memorable time as a child.

And so, the flip side of the coin (no pun intended). My dear grandfather passed away well over half a century ago now. The coin collections are all gone too. Ah, but not the joy, the magic of those times—they remain, indelibly etched on my mind. So, and as fate would have it, while trekking the highways and byways of our great nation, I began collecting coins again, this time, not the AU (almost uncirculated) ones, but a totally different AU kind (almost unrecognizable).

So now you know, dear friends–here in these two old Mason jars are those pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, even (a) half and silver dollar, mangled, bent, even broken, all picked up from the road shoulders along, during my near-endless miles of roadwalking–as I crisscrossed our nation, from border to border and from sea to shining sea…

[Nimblewill Nomad]

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