Vignette Flatware

Vignette-Flatware-LGWhat is this! Well folks, as a youngster I recall mother and grandmother oft’ referring to their beautiful 1847 Rogers Bros. silverware serving sets as flatware. So, quite awhile back, and after passing flattened and mangled utensils (mostly spoons) laying the road shoulders, I got the bright idea–why not start your own “flatware” collection old man? And that’s exactly what I did!

You might ask: What’s the difference between the beautiful silver service sets my mother and grandmother had–and the unusual set on display here? Well, in my collection, the knives, forks, and spoons are really and truly flat, the result of constant highway hammering. Over the many years of trekking the highways and byways of our great nation (thousands and thousands of road miles), I’d managed to pick up enough pieces to complete a lovely serving set for eight, with additional, incomplete sets for twelve.

During Odyssey 2014, that journey having been almost entirely a roadwalk (The Oregon National Historic Trail), 2109.6 miles, 118 days, I managed to finally piece together the additional knives and forks to finish out this stunningly unique twelve-place “flatware” service set. The spoons? They came easiest (kids simply threw them out the car window after finishing their ice cream). The forks, much more rare.  And the knives? They were the hardest to come by–few and very, very far between. Gotta cut me some slack on the knives…

So, what do you think; stunning, eh? Mother and Grandmother would certainly have been proud of me!

[Nimblewill Nomad]

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