Where Less the Path is worn

The second Edition of Nimblewill Nomad‘s book, Where Less the Path is Worn, is now available and can be purchased at Amazon.com. Just click the title of the book in this post to go to it. Personalized copies, signed by Nimblewill, will also be available soon at the Ranger’s Cabin on Flagg Mountain in Alabama (look for that announcement).


347 days. 5,000 miles. On foot!

That’s the sweep of this inspiring, spirit-filled adventure, the first known hike encompassing the entire Appalachian Mountain Range as we know it to exist on the North American continent.

This monumental journey unfolds as seasoned long-distance hiker M.J. Nimblewill Nomad Eberhart tackles his second traverse of the Eastern Continental Trail. Along this near-continuous footpath of connecting trails, he walks south from “Land’s End” at Cap Gaspé, Quebec to a very different view of the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys—framed by Caribbean blue waters—to reach the southernmost point of the United States at Key West.

After achieving this goal, Nimblewill extends this journey with an incredible walk that breaks new ground. On an epic trek across the island of Newfoundland, he continues to where the Long Range Appalachian Mountains rise to meet the tundra, to the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula where the Vikings first landed on this continent over a thousand years ago. Journey’s end is on Belle Isle, the northernmost Appalachian mountaintop to hold its head above “Iceberg Alley” in the Labrador Sea. Along this journey, you’ll meet the many kind and generous souls who lifted Nimblewill, who touched his heart, his life, theirs to be touched in return.

This lyrical and heartfelt recounting captures not only the resolve and challenge of long-distance hiking, but also offers up reverence to the ageless and timeless beauty of the Appalachians.

5 Comments on “Where Less the Path is worn

  1. We are planning on coming to Flagg Mountain next Spring. Last time we were there you told me you were planning to walk US66. I was concerned for your safety since I had traveled the road many times and knew much of us under I40. So much traffic. We’ll pick up a book then if you still plan to be there at that time. Look forward to seeing you again. Robert


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