Journal 26-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–March 17, 2021
Trail Day–026
Trail Mile–14.6/294.9
Location–Junction Tibbs Bridge/Greeson Bend Roads, then to Leland’s rustic cabin on Furnace Creek

Another grand evening/night with Leland at his cabin on Furnace Creek!

Severe weather is forecast to come in today. So Leland has us back on trail (roadwalk) early and we’re headed for downtown Dalton.

Just before crossing I-75 we take a detour to visit hiking friends staying at Country Inn (in photo left to right) Ryan, Lisa, Nimblewill, Copperhead, Unicorn, Jackrabbit (Wrecking Ball had to go home), & Little John. All are hiking the Pinhoti Trail. Great to spend a bit of time with these dear hiking friends!

Dalton has changed, having grown considerably since I hiked through here (twice) over two decades ago. The Pinhoti Trail goes straight through. Along the “Strip” now, standing the sidewalk just ahead, phone camera up (with big ear-to-ear grin) I meet Steve Zipper Davis, AT ’96. “You’re going to do it!” he exclaims. Thanks for the great positive energy Zipper!

We make a couple more stops before heading on out of town–on the roadwalk to Dennis Mill. The rain comes and goes, not hard though–poncho on, off, and on again. Leland comes and lifts us from the road mid afternoon and we’re soon back to his cabin on Furnace Creek–just as the thunder and lightning arrive, followed by the deluge. A short but memorable day.

When you cross paths with another,
dare to make them smile.
(Steve Maraboli)

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