Journal 36-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–March 27, 2021
Trail Day–036
Trail Mile–9.6/400.8
Location–Toccoa Suspension Bridge Parking

We’re up at 6:00; no thunderstorms (as were forecast). So the decision is to get some miles in today–before heading to Blue Ridge Verizon to try and get my new phone working.

Back to Skeena Gap Road, a very busy place this morning. Find out it’s an aid station for a race, the Georgia 70 Mile Death Race, put on by Run Bum Racers. Over 300 race participants will be coming through this morning, right behind me–oh joy!

Barry has me on trail a little after seven–to start the thousand-foot climb to Licklog Mountain. No racers yet, and the day remains fair, no rain. Barry hikes up from Georgia Highway 60, and we meet just as the runners begin coming through. At Highway 60, another aid station for racers. The ham radio folks we met yesterday, the Daniels (Bob, Karen, and Diane) are set up to aid with communications.

Barry has found out how to drive to near the Toccoa River Suspension Bridge, so I decide to hike on over there today. Another long, strenuous climb, back up to the ridge. Along the way my dear friend Viking comes hiking through. A steady stream of runners now.

I complete my hike today just after twelve, so we decide to drive on up to Blue Ridge to the Verizon store there. I’m in luck–able to get in. Jon works to get my phone straightened out while Barry runs some errands.

Evening, we’re back again to the fine little campground at Skeena Creek. Hamburger with fried potatoes and onions for supper, prepared by Barry.

A long, busy, but rewarding day…


Lovely days don’t come to you,
you should walk to them.

6 Comments on “Journal 36-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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  2. Sunny, love reading and following your journey!
    Your friend, Weatherman


  3. It was an absolute joy to meet on the mountain as you charged forward on your quest.

    I admire your tenacity and fortitude and at a whippersnapper’s age of 77, I understand the challenge.

    It was a grand day to hike God’s creation and the BMT provided many moments of beautiful solitude – – until the Death Race came at me, head on.
    That certainly murdered my pace, as I yielded to, and happily greeted, 98 runners who had smiling personalities as they tackled a gruesome contest.
    Made me feel humble, as I was not “against the clock”, just ambling through the woods.

    I sincerely hope to meet again somewhere up north while on my SOBO.

    But perhaps somewhere before that, I would consider it a privilege to give Barry a break somewhere and be a part of your support team.

    Your friend, VIKING


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