Journal 57-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Saturday–April 17, 2021
Trail Day–057
Trail Mile–5.6/579.6
Location–Fontana Dam, AT Mile 166.3

Another enjoyable night on the mountain. We camped right beside the trail again. Nathan prepared a delicious hot supper for us. Then, a beautiful sunset, plus a delightful warming fire for our late evening enjoyment. Managed to get my daily journal entry composed before checking out (and into the land of nod). Ahh, folks, what’s it take–indeed, what does it take to keep us happy?

A busy morning ahead; we’re both up, seven sharp, a quick breakfast, then,






packs shouldered, we’re headed off the mountain to Fontana. There, Nathan has reserved a room for me, also for Barry and Durwin, at the Fontana Village Lodge. We’re in at eleven to head straight for the restaurant. Barry and Durwin have found and joined us.

Another sad time. Nathan must head back home. What a great hike we’ve had, three days, two camp-outs; just a joy-filled, memorable time. Thanks, Nathan!

“Ostrich” and “Nimblewill”

A cold frosty in the lounge, killing time with Barry and Durwin. We’re finally able to check into our room at four.
Many northbounders here at the Village. They greet me; more
great energy…

(back row left to right, “Cotton Candy”, “Jingles”, “Nimblewill”, “Mouse”, “Bug”. Front Row left to right, “Bodega”, “Earhart”, “Honey BooBoo”)

Doing what you like is freedom.
Liking what you do is happiness.
(Frank Tyger)

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