Journal 84-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–May 14, 2021
Trail Day–084
Trail Mile–0.00/812.4
Location–Mountain Harbour B&B (& Hostel), Mary Hill, Owner, David Hill, General Mgr., Shannon Travis, Mgr., then to Trail Days, Damascus, Virginia, AT Mile 395.3

A very good night’s rest at Mountain Harbour. I’d been told about the breakfast served at Mountain Harbour B&B, but I found it hard to believe. So, promptly at eight this morning I’m right there. Shannon welcomes us all then proceeds to go through the list of breakfast items offered. I lose count after four. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything close to this spread, even at the most popular breakfast spots. It’s a hiker’s feast. Amazing!

I want to mention that I’ve another state behind me now. You may have noticed the photo in yesterday’s journal entry, “LEAVING NC.” That’s three states down, 12 to go.

My dear friends, DeForest Sparkles Tuggles, and her boyfriend, Irving Snapshot Blanco, come for me late morning, and we’re off to the annual Trail Days event in Damascus, Virginia.

John Mother Nature’s Son Calhoun, an old trail friend of many years, has extended an invitation from Tom and Sandy Davenport (who are friends to John and live right near all downtown Trail Days activities) for me to camp in their backyard. So, after Snapshot & Sparkles drop me off, main drag, E. Laurel Ave., two blocks and I’m right there. Other friends of the Calhouns & Davenports are already here and I’m welcomed. I pitch my little Nomad tent under a nearby shade tree right next their lovely flower bed.

The Creeper Railtrail is two minutes away, ditto Trail Days activities. Many dear old friends are here. I’ll try to have photos of all goings-on to share with you tomorrow–Saturday’s the big day at Trail Days.

My longtime friend from Flagg Mountain, Jennifer Goldilocks Sullivan, has come to Trail Days and our paths cross in the park. I’m invited to dinner, the invitation of which I quickly accept.

Ahh yes, folks, like I mentioned in Ten Million Steps, my first book, “Wheels are up, flaps back, this thing’s off the ground and flying.”

More Trail Days tomorrow…



Say what you want about aging,
it’s still the only way to have old friends.
(Robert Brault)

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