Journal 86-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–May 16, 2021
Trail Day–086
Trail Mile–0.00/812.4
Location–Trail Days, Damascus, Virginia, then back to Mountain Harbour B&B (Hostel), AT Mile 395.3

Another fine night in Tom and Sandy’s back yard. Their place is so near the city park pavilion that a band could be heard playing well after dark. However, the music quickly faded as I drifted off to contented sleep.

This morning, everyone’s busy breaking camp, loading gear, and preparing to depart for home. Bidding goodbye to friends grows old fast, but lingering hugs never do. So long my friends; safe travels.

At nine I finally get my tent down, my pack packed. I’m all alone; everyone’s gone. I’ve been able to contact Sparkles & Snapshot and I’ll meet them downtown in a short while. So, off I go for yet another goodbye.

While lingering on the sidewalk, feeling even more sorry for myself, standing right before me–my goodness, it’s Lucky from Above the Clouds Hostel. He’s come to Trail Days in hopes of finding me and other of his friends. Goldilocks will be coming for me, to carry me back to US-19E and Mountain Harbour B&B, but we’ve time for breakfast. So off we go to Cowboys up on the corner. A fine time–thanks for coming up, Lucky!

Goldilocks is here for me right at eleven, to shoe-horns me into the back seat (five in her little car) and we’re soon winding the mountain roads back south to Mountain Harbour.

A few moments to linger, then more goodbye hugs. Thanks, Goldilocks. See you again soon–soon…

Mary has saved a bunk for me for the night. I try relaxing. Work my journals. Very mechanical effort/result, however. Forgive me folks, it’s been an absolute whirlwind three days for this old man. I’ve rolled with them best I can!


In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life.
It goes on.
(Robert Frost)

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