Journal 91-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–May 21, 2021
Trail Day–091
Trail Mile–21.6/875.7
Location–Damascus, Virginia, then to Lady Di’s B&B, Damascus, AT Mile 470.7

Stanley found the nearest little campground in Shady Valley where he had his spacious pop-up camper all set when he brought me down from the trail yesterday evening. A hot shower (my scroungy clothes washed), then a delicious pasta meal, and I was totally rejuvenated!

We’re up at six this morning; hot coffee, a very large ham and cheese omelet and I’m energized for this day, which will be a long twenty-one miler.

It’s a short distance from the campground to US-91 and Stanley has me back, pack up and hiking right at seven.

I enter a lovely open hay field first thing. What a bright sunshiny day. Ahh, been waiting patiently for just such a grand day. My patience has certainly paid off!

What wonderful trail today, smooth, leaf covered tread, the longest stretch without the ubiquitous rocks and roots. It’s truly a blessing as I need to make good time–and I’m making good time.

I leave another state behind today–Tennessee. At three-thirty I enter Virginia. Four down, eleven to go.

Here, finally, I’ll be able to increase my daily mileage, which I dearly need to do. The climbing will continue, but the trail will prove more friendly to my weary feet. And hey–I’ve got my wind again and my back and legs are strong!

Down, down, the trail leads from the mountain, to enter the hiker-friendliest of all trail towns–Damascus, Virginia. Stanley comes for me and we spend a delightful evening dining (outside) at the Wicked Chicken Winghouse & Tavern.

I want to stay in town tonight so Stanley won’t need to get up at five, then run me all the way back to Damascus. I’d planned on spending the night at The Place, but they’ve a scout troop in there; so that’s out. A call to Crazy Larry’s; he’s full but recommends I give Lady Di a call. She’s just opened a whiz bang new hostel here and Larry recommends her. A call–hey, Lady Di knows me, “Come on over, I’ve got a place for you.” And my-oh-my does she–the Queen’s Suite no less!

Sign-in time, but mostly picture taking time. What a lovely place. Actually, it’s her spacious and beautiful home. Thanks, Lady Di, for your generosity extended me; I’ll try to return your kindness. Will make sure you get a copy of my latest book…


For it is in giving that we receive.
(St. Francis of Assisi)

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