Journal 101-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Monday–May 31, 2021
Trail Day–101
Trail Mile–-15.3/1,041.5
Location–Sugar Run Road, then to Tillie’s Woods Hole Hostel, Pearisburg, Neville Harris, Proprietor, AT Mile 625.5

Miss Julie has an aging mother in her 90s and has gone to be with her, so the usual duties, such as brewing coffee and preparing breakfast this morning become Robert’s responsibility (Julie’s lifelong neighbor). And ’tis a fine breakfast, indeed. Thanks Robert!

Well, on the trail, and inevitably it seems, that time eventually comes around, the time to bid farewell to another dear friend. This morning that dear friend is Rachel Lock. She must return to her family and her work. Rachel, dear new friend, what an amazing gesture of selfless kindness, to take time to come so very far and to spend time (and resources) to support and encourage this old intrepid–blessings beyond words. And so, this morning, pack shouldered, sticks in hand, and after a good solid hug (and a few tears) I’m standing across the road waving goodbye. Thanks Rachel–thanks…

Appears to be another day of cruising the trail, gentle meandering along more friendly old abandoned wagon/woods roads–until reaching the climb up to and around Sugar Run Mountain–serious climbing finished off with a stumbling scramble through a mile of cobbed up boulders and rocks.

But soon enough (and flat wore out) I make it down to Sugar Run Road and the renowned, historic Woods Hole Hostel.

Of all the hostels along the AT, Tillie’s Woods Hole Hostel is no doubt the best known and most famous. It was opened to hikers in the early eighties by Roy & Tillie Woods, then on Roy’s passage, by Tillie, and now by Tillie’s granddaughter, Neville. I came to know Tillie on my passage through in ’98, and what a pleasure now to meet her granddaughter! The long ago dream and now the tradition–go on…

Be relentless in chasing your dreams.
(Aaron Lauritsen)

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