Journal 121-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–June 20, 2021
Trail Day–121
Trail Mile–-14.8/1,338.6
Location–Bearfence Parking Area, Skyline Drive, then to Airbnb, Stanardsville, AT Mile 920.0

Barry Riddle has come to support me again; he’s driven all the way from Prattville, Alabama, arriving late yesterday. Tulip prepared a fine meal for us, and after, we enjoyed the evening together.

Breakfast this morning is Barry’s usual, a fried egg and cheese sandwich washed down with plenty of coffee. Fresh picked peaches from Alabama, too. Plenty of energy for this day.

And there’s no waste of energy as the hike starts out with a seven-hundred foot climb up to, then over and down off Hightop Mountain. The climbing continues over Saddleback and Bearfence where I end the day. Tulip spends nearly the entire day on trail with me. T-Bone has taken time from his business and he and Barry hike some with me too.

There’s a magic, captivating, and romantic appeal about the Shenandoas. The entire region has an emotional appeal. I felt and experienced it when I hiked here nearly four decades ago–and the appeal is just as strong today.

Back at our spacious cabin, Tulip & T-Bone prepare a Thanksgiving-like turkey (with all the trimmings) supper–on this memorable Father’s Day.


You can keep your whiskey and your burbon and your beer,
‘n hang onto your scotch and gin and other forms of cheer.
Don’t offer me no sody pop no coffe or no tea,
For I am high on Shenandoa’s pure sweet majesty.
(N. Nomad – 6-86)

One Comment on “Journal 121-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Hi, Nimble Will.
    This looks to have been a very good day. Glad for the friends and support you have.
    I’ve found your poetry on this blog, and have been enjoying it, especially Spirit of Mountains; Why Go; and Highland Journey. Just found it, so I have blessed many to read. We have somewhat of a kindred spirit, Sir.
    I hope you will return to TN, at some point, and I may get the honor to meet you.
    I’m doing trail magic, daily, giving out my poetry to those I serve. It’s all such a blessing.
    May our Lord keep you strong and bear you along,
    this journey you’ve undertaken.
    May friends come beside, and help as you stride,
    with victuals and eggs and bacon!


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