Journal 177-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–August 15, 2021
Trail Day–177
Trail Mile–-13.1/1,991.8
Location–Logging/Snowmobile Road , then to 100 Mile Wilderness Cabins, Monson, Phil Pepin, Proprietor
625.6 Miles Remaining

This morning, coffee prepared by Phil, eggs (with laces) and sausage fixed for me by T-Bone, another cup of coffee and a chocolate covered potato-bread roll, and I’m set to go.

From my cabin to the trail is a three-minute hike. So, I’m with the white blazes moving south well before seven. The trail bops the rocks and roots around Lake Hebron, crosses Shirley-Blanchard Road to pick up the West Branch, Piscataquis River, which it follows (through more rocks and roots) to finally cross the river at a small island. Below the island are the remains of an old beaver dam, which I’m able to cross without getting wet feet. The trail then follows the outfall from Bald Mountain Pond.

In a short distance, an old fellow approaches going northbound, and I stop to meet and talk with him. Hey, come to find there’s someone on the trail today that’s older than me! It’s Al Learned from Washington. I’ve known of Al many years, but never got to meet him. Al’s covered some miles. He’s a triple-crowner and has hiked all 11 National Scenic Trails. A real joy finally meeting you, Al; and what better place than on the AT right here in Maine!

Afternoon, I meet a kind lady, Judy and her children, Nymph & Elf. She adopted the trail name Judy from her Montessori teacher, her childhood mentor, Judy Martell, since deceased. We share the most enjoyable time!


When I go out my door and don’t return,
Come looking for me.
Look for me down in the lower field
Just where the split rail fence edges the wood
And the thrush sings at last light.
Take a basket in case the blackberries are in.
If you find me you may wonder
What I had come so far to see…
(Judy Martell)

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