Journal 189-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–August 27, 2021
Trail Day–189
Trail Mile–-8.5/2065.9
Remaining Miles–551.5
Location–Perham Stream, Saddleback Range

The regularly scheduled shuttle at 7:30, I’m on it, but I don’t get off at ME-27 with other thru-hikers. It’s a long bumpy logging road, the way Melanie must go to get me back to (near) the trail crossing on Caribou Valley Road. Another sad time, bidding farewell this morning…

I’ve a 1,400-foot climb first thing, to Sugarloaf Mountain. Up, up, hand over hand through boulders, the cliff face. But after all the effort, the AT passes below the summit 1/2-mile away by a side trail. I continue on, along the ridge where there are great views of Mt. Abraham.

It was along this section of trail where the connection was made to complete the AT as a thru trail. A fine bronze plaque honoring the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps is affixed to a large boulder here.

Northbounders have 200 miles to go. I’m now 200 miles south of Katahdin with over 590 miles to go.

In the afternoon I’ve a 500-foot climb to Spaulding Mountain, and yet another spur trail to the summit. Seems the thru-hiker isn’t deserving.

What a pleasant surprise, coming toward me, the Umberger family, hiking collectively as Perch Creek. They are Ranger Bob, Naviguesser, Hokey, Sawwhet, Too Hot, Pinkburry, & Livingstone. Contagious smiles. All packed with energy. Didn’t get their mother’s name–sorry ma’am.

The last and final climb of the day, up and over Lone Mountain.

A really nice campsite, old abandoned (flat) grassy road at Perham Stream. Lovely brook to take water for then night.


The most attractive force is a smile.
(Debasish Mridha)


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