Journal 193-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Tuesday–August 31, 2021
Trail Day–193
Trail Mile–-9.4/2090.7
Remaining Miles–526.7
Location–Sabbath Day Pond Lean-To

My dear friends, Jojosmiley & Nomad 98, both long-distance hikers, they’re here spending time with Honey (and lucky me). Lucky being, Jojosmiley offers to deliver me back to ME-4, where I continue this trek–well over an hour’s drive one way for her. Thanks, Jojosmiley, you and Nomad 98 have remained my dearest friends these many, many years.

A fair climb (but not so much) up and over Piper Mountain. More a ponds hike today, past South, Little Swift River, to end at Sabbath Day Pond and the Sabbath Day Pond Lean-To.

I’m in early, the first here. After setting up in the shelter corner, I lay back on my sleeping pad, cover up with my comfy quilt–and immediately fall into deep sleep.

Evening, even after dark, northbounders keep arriving, and the shelter becomes packed. Hopper had prepared and sent along sandwiches, brownies, and snacks, and before returning to restful sleep, I fill my tummy right up. So thoughtful of you, Hopper, a fine cold meal in the woods–thank you from the bottom of my tummy!


When the going gets tough,
the tough take a nap.
(Tom Hodgkinson)

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