Journal 199-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Monday–September 6, 2021
Trail Day–199
Trail Mile–-0.00/2128.1
Remaining Miles–489.3
Location–The Cabin, East Andover, Margery Honey Towne, Proprietor

Forecast for today, off-and-on rain. So, I made the decision last evening to take the day off, to keep my feet up and rest my weary body. Other hikers here at The Cabin reached the same decision. A good one. The rain arrives as expected, intense at times. Not a good day to be up on the mountain stumbling around in the mud and rocks.

I’ve been watching Paloma, Honey‘s (house) dog here at The Cabin. She makes resting look so easy. I’ll try my best to copy her lifestyle today.  And so, time off is not a waste of time. Rather, it can be time well spent…


What do dogs do on their day off?
Can’t lie around – that’s their job!
(George Carlin)

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