Journal 201-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Wednesday–September 8, 2021
Trail Day–201
Trail Mile–-0.00/2136.2
Remaining Miles–481.2
Location–The Cabin, East Andover, Margery Honey Towne, Proprietor


This past week I’ve been suffering a red, splotch-like rash that developed on the inside of my right ankle. Probably the result of a tick or spider bite–and it hasn’t shown any sign of improvement. If it’s Lyme, not good to risk waiting any longer. So, decision: Go get a diagnosis. And that takes the day, another day off-trail. Gotta do it. Dang!

Don, Honey‘s son, drives me the half-hour to the VA Clinic in Rumford. They can’t help me–but send me across the street to the emergency room at Rumford Hospital (and authorize my visit). No definitive diagnosis. Some form of cellulitis but could be tick related. I’m back on doxy (again), awaiting blood test results for potential Lyme disease. Kind folks in the hospital emergency room were compassionate and helpful. Thanks, Scott (workup), Dr. Kerr, Laurie (ultrasound), and Ken. It’s late afternoon before we’re back to The Cabin.

Rain is forecast to come in tonight and remain steady all day tomorrow. Just what I need. Here comes the attitude again. No more whining, please!


A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart.
(William Arthur Ward)

2 Comments on “Journal 201-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. You’re in our thoughts and prayers each day. We miss you and look forward to seeing you again. Lots of love and big hugs….Rachel & Bill

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