Journal 233-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Sunday–October 10, 2021
Trail Day–233
Trail Mile–-9.1/2335.0
Remaining Miles–282.1
Location–VT-12 (465.3) to Chateauguay Road (474.4) Primitive Campsite

Last night was our last stay-over at Hanover Adventure Tours Hostel. Just a super-nice place! Thanks, MaKensi, Hostel Manager! Your hospitality, now your friendship–very special to me.

I get coffee perking at 5:30. Then Barry comes at 6:00 to prepare my breakfast, fried eggs and toast, washed down with V-8 juice and more coffee.

I manage to get my things together, my pack and bounce box, then Barry loads me in his van for the ride back up to VT-12 trail crossing. Kitchen Sink and the old Nomad are on trail and climbing right at eight.

And a climb it turns to be, over 1,700 feet in little over two miles. Again, though, the climb follows good trail and the effort is steady and manageable.

By late morning we’ve completed the ascent to The Lookout, a privately owned cabin belonging to Richard & Teresa Pet (Lookout Farm) is open to the public and has been made available to hikers. A side trail leads there, a short distance up from the AT. Kitchen Sink & I take it. My goodness, what a special place! The cabin is typical in design–a large room with cathedral ceiling, a step-like ladder leading to the spacious loft. And of course, a fireplace built into the front wall. The whole structure, beams, framing, siding, all made from full-dimension rough-cut lumber.

And the “Lookout?” Even more special! A small observation deck (crow’s nest) has been built right on the cabin roof peak, with another step-like ladder leading (almost straight) up to it. We drop our packs on the porch, take a break for lunch. Kitchen Sink fires up his stove, then prepares the finest dish of chili (compliments of MaKensi, HAT Hostel) and serves it to me on a full-size porcelain plate he keeps tucked away in his pack. Now you understand why he’s been given the trail name, Kitchen Sink! The vista photos today were taken from atop The Lookout, Richard & Teresa’s delightful cabin. Dear folks, Lookout Farm, thank you for sharing your little corner of paradise with us!

If you’ve followed my journals at all, you know I’m fascinated by the various mushrooms seen along the trail. The delicate one photographed today is called lion’s mane. Oh, and the smiley-face lichen photo–what you see has not been touched, totally natural!

Our campsite this evening is by the happy and joyful-sounding Locust Creek. We pitch, then I occupy my time managing a delightful warming fire Kitchen Sink has built with birch bark. Somewhere, a southbound hiker, comes in and we share the evening (and the campfire) together.

It’s been another grand (say perfect) hiking day, cool, the least breeze, open vistas clear to the hazy-blue…

Fellowship, friends and laughter
Are things that we all need.
Yes, the aura of the campfire
Is magical indeed.
(C R Clark)

4 Comments on “Journal 233-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. What a great cabin and so nice if them to share with passing hikers. The foliage is beautiful. Maybe at it’s peak now in VT?


  2. I’ve continued to be thrilled by your posts and photos.
    They bring back glorious memories of my thru in 98.
    The scenes are apparently embossed upon my gray matter since so many of your photos seem like yesterday’s sojourn.
    Thank you brother…


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