Journal 251-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Thursday–October 28, 2021
Trail Day–251
Trail Mile–13.8/2508.1 (corrected)
Remaining Miles–109.6 (corrected)
Location–West Dover Road (1449.3), to Schaghticoke Road (1463.1), then to Best Western Motel, Danbury/Bethel

A cold night in Murrow park, but we all slept soundly–and warm. There’s frost on the ground this morning, which creates crunching sounds as I make my way to the toilet. Back at the pavilion, Barry has hot coffee, cold V8, and a fine egg sandwich prepared for me. He then gets us loaded and hauls us back to the trailhead  where we ended yesterday (West Dover Road). We’re on trail at  seven-thirty–by Dover Oak, the largest and oldest tree anywhere on the AT. We begin with a climb through pasture lands, over fence styles, then into the woods. We’ve the makings for another near-perfect hiking day. The blessings continue!

Gaining the ridge above the pastures, the trail soon descends to cross Swamp River on a long, elaborate boardwalk. It then passes through open hardwood. Very enjoyable, what with the bright autumn colors, the sun’s brilliance lighting and enhancing the usually dark forest.

The AT has its own train stop at the trail crossing by NY-22. For those wanting to visit New York, there’s a bench where hikers can sit and wait for the next commuter train.

The bridge over Duel Hollow Brook is pretty much destroyed due to flooding, requiring a roadwalk around. But hikers have told us that what’s left of the bridge can be crossed. We stay the trail and carefully cross (what’s left of) the bridge.

The final climb for the day takes us up and over Gardner and Ten Mile Hill(s) before descending to cross Ten Mile River, then to follow along the Housatonic River a short distance to end our day.

Barry has a room reserved at the Danbury/Bethel Best Western. Along the way we pass through an old covered bridge. Gotta stop for photo ops there.

Another state behind me today as I cross from New York into Connecticut. Of the beginning 2,600 miles, less than one-hundred will remain by the end of the hiking day tomorrow…


Everything you’ve ever wanted
is on the other side of fear.
(George Addair)

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