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MJ “Sunny” Eberhart

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4 Comments on ““Personal Connection” Series – RMWorldTravel

  1. Good morning, Sunny, I just listened to the interview, about your hiking experience.The “gracious message” you shared about your “inspiration/faith” being heightened and coming from knowing, or your connection with Mother Nature and the Lord/”Great Spirit!” was/is spot on. That is how and why so many others are inspired by your strength, tenacity, fortitude, honesty, humility, and the openness of sharing your “gentle and loving spirit” with all who come to know you or simply hear your story. Our world needs people like you who are ambitious, motivated,committed, loyal,
    kind-hearted, and have a true willingness to share, not only your stories, but the emotions you truthfully experience when growimg spiritually through following your heart. Thanks,& Bless you, RS 😉

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  2. Enjoyed your radio interview. Bet you will be back on the trail again soon. Know you must miss it.


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