DITTIES – Whispers, Shadows, and Sunshine, 2nd Edition

Nimblewill is pleased to announce that his book of poetry, DITTIES – Whispers, Shadows, and Sunshine, 2nd Edition, is now available!

It consists of 134 pages, six chapters, which include: Life & Inspiration; Mysterious Medium Time; That Fire in Our Gut; Hiking & Backpacking; Nature; On the Lighter Side

Please send check or money order for $25.00 USD to:

Sunny Eberhart

131 Bond School Road

Olean, Missouri 65064

Shipping and handling is free in the lower 48.

Due to the upcoming Odyssey 2023 hike of the Chisholm Trail, personally signed copies are not available at this time.

Note: Availability is limited and may cause longer periods between order and shipping. Nimblewill appreciates your indulgence.

14 Comments on “DITTIES – Whispers, Shadows, and Sunshine, 2nd Edition

  1. Greetings Mr Eberhart. Ordered your book a couple of weeks ago thru Amazon for my son who is an avid hiker and backpacker. Still has not been shipped. I was wondering if you could autograph it for him. His name is Jay


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  3. Can’t wait to get our copy. We love you “Nimble”, “Sunny Bunny”…Wild Bill & Rach


  4. I’m mailing you a check tomorrow. Would you please sign your book for me?
    Joyce cuts my hair she sent you one of my poetry books a couple of years ago.
    Reagards Wesley D. Willis…..


  5. Nimble Will
    So good to hear something from your direction. It’s been a long time since you and I have talked. I have followed your many incredible adventures. Wish I could have been there with you along the way. Save me a book to put in my library along with the others. Love to chat with you again some day.
    Your hiker friend Au Sable Mike
    Another day in paradise….


  6. Nimblewill, you were a guest on our radio show a number of years ago. We’d love to have you back, to talk about your book and your walk on Route 66. We offer tours of the old highway route and will be doing one in 2023. Would you come on and talk to us?

    Mark Hoffmann
    The Travel Guys Radio Show
    Sacramento, CA


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