Journal 69-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Thursday–April 29, 2021
Trail Day–069
Trail Mile–0.00/701.3
Location–Laughing Heart Hostel, Hot Springs, AT Mile 274.4

Another much needed day of rest. I’m really no better today; I’m actually weaker. So, another zero-mile day for me on the AT. I tell Caboose of my plight, that I’m unable to return to the trail. His kind response (with not the least hesitation), “You’re welcome to stay as long as needed.” A great relief–thank you, Caboose! Sure wish i was over this. Never do we seem to possess enough patience. Seem that way to you at times?

Durwin, Jim, Walt–their directive, emphatic and unanimous: “You’re going to the clinic.”

Elmer Hall, my dear friend here, who’s taken me in countless times (at his delightful old Victorian Sunnybank Inn on Walnut Street), informed me that there’s a really fine, professionally managed medical clinic here in Hot Springs. So, after taking Durwin up a ways to where the trail crosses a road (so he can at least get a few miles in today), Jim and Walt return to Laughing Heart, load me, then deliver me to the clinic promptly at nine.

I’m taken right in. The usual questions, then tests–plus those for Wuhan virus and giardia. The usual (and expected) instructions: Rest, hydrate with electrolytes. Test results, hopefully tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Patience old man, patience…


If you can wait and not be tired by waiting...
(Rudyard Kipling)

15 Comments on “Journal 69-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. Praying for healing and for your strength to return. I have had a cold all week. No flu or Covid. Slowly feeling better. We are so proud of you and your 700 miles.

    Mary Poppins


  2. Get well Sunny!
    Will be glad to see you again.
    Patience is a good thing.
    Love you Brother!


  3. Praying for peace, prayer snd healing. Romans 8:28

    Ps. I have tried to post this numerous times, reset password, restyled and relighted in!!! Hope it goes thru. Isn’t that the way our Lord teaches us? As we pray for others it comes back to us too!!! Thanks for the lesson.


  4. Praying fir peace, patience snd healing. Romans 8:28

    Ps. I needed this prayer too as I had to jump thru all the hoops to login, reset password and finally post. Hope it only posted once! Isn’t that the way our Lord is, showing us our same need as we pray for others!!!


  5. Praying for you that you will feel better soon, I have been recovering from covid 19 for a month now and getting better slowly.I hope to hike the AT in three years when I retire!!


  6. Hope for a better day for you today Sunny. Prayers
    ☀ ❤
    Angela & Tim


  7. You take care of yourself!! Sending big hugs and well wishes!!


  8. There comes a time
    to recognize
    to see what others see,
    so long in tooth
    our strength we lose
    not as young as we used to be.

    from another old man like you.


  9. Prayers for you my dear friend. Please be patient and rest. You know the drill. It’s just as important to rest and hydrate. Take care of your body so it will take care of you.


  10. I hope you feel better soon. I understand how disappointing it is to miss crucial AT days, especially because Saturday would have been a gorgeous hiking day. (I am in Asheville.) Is there a doctor in that clinic or just unsupervised physicians’ assistants? WuHan tests are famously inaccurate. It’s not pleasant to feel lousy when you are far from home.


  11. Here’s hoping that a day or two or three of extra rest will recharge you. Feel better soon!


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