Journal 133-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

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Friday–July 2, 2021
Trail Day–133
Trail Mile–-14.7/1,503.6
Location–US-30, then to Hilton Tru, Chambersburg, AT Mile 1,084.9

A bit more rain last evening, but it’s all cleared out this morning when I wake at five. Coffee maker in my room (yeah!). A hot cup gets me focused well enough to finish yesterday’s journal. Lucky & Nimrod come by shortly to get me and we’re off to McDonald’s for breakfast.

Seven-thirty we’re back at Rattlesnake Run Road. Lucky will be hiking with me again today. We’re out and into a cool, overcast morning.

The hike begins along old wagon roads, flat and smooth. But in a while comes the climb, a thousand-footer up to Buzzard Park and Snowy Mountain.

Lucky has prepared sandwiches for us and we stop for lunch and rest awhile before tackling the final climb for the day, up and over Rocky Mountain (appropriately named). Hikers go boulder hopping by me as I stumble and tumble around and through them. I take a good fall but am none the worse for wear. Relieved to have this day behind me though. Broke fifteen-hundred today. Eleven-hundred to go to finish Odyssey 2021 – Bama to Baxter – Hike On!

Evening, Lucky checks us into the fancy new Hilton Tru Hotel in Chambersburg. Supper is my treat, steaks at the nearby Texas Roadhouse. A fine and dandy day…


Persistence is firmly sticking to something
for a prolonged period of time,
even as you encounter things
that try to unstick you.
(Peter Hollins)


2 Comments on “Journal 133-ODYSSEY 2021: Bama to Baxter-Hike On!

  1. You are amazing and have my admiration, I have been following you since you started.
    We love in Sylacauga and havisited Flag many times but have not had the opportunity to meet you definitely our loss
    Ad us biker say ride safe and in your case hike safe.


  2. Congrats on passing the 1,500 mile mark. Wow! That’s a long way to walk!


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